Ok body. It's summer. You know what that means. We gotta get back in shape! My thunder thighs and flabby tummy are in for it! Mamas! Comment any workout and I will do 50 of each!

Cassandra K 3 likes

Squats. I hate them but that should help your thighs.

Jaxons M 2 likes


Michelle C 0 likes

Mountain climbers

Olivia H 2 likes

Wall sit. (Just do 50 seconds) lol

Autumn 2 likes

Mountain climbers!

Alicia H 2 likes

Star crunches with a 5 sec hold

Ashley C 2 likes

Squats! They've worked wonders for me on my thighs And for your stomach I would try leg lifts or sit ups/crunches with your legs up at a 90 degree angle. It works the lower stomach when your legs are up like that

TaylorGrace's M 1 like


mommycool 2 1 like

ok dont curse me for commenting this and dont do 50 of it cause i know how hard this one can be but its super helpful !! BURPEES !

Liz C 0 likes

🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 so hard to start all over again.

Marina 0 likes

Planks, squats, lunges. I just went back to yoga and started zumba also, lots of fun if u can go to the classes!

Jacquelyn D 0 likes

Jumping jacks! Get your heart pumping!

Chrissy G 0 likes

Triceps dips!

Eryn 0 likes


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