Oh my god! My MIL is driving me crazy! She always complains to my husband and on Facebook that she never gets to see my son. He's the youngest of her three grand kids. We keep telling her that she can come visit us any time she wants. Until last week, I've been without a car for the last 2 months. And my husband works 12 hour days She works literally 5 minutes from my house. We've told her many times that she's welcome to come by before or after work anytime she wants to. *Continued*

MamaBear 0 likes

She always has some excuse. Like she doesn't have to extra gas money to come see us. She's literally 5 minutes down the road! We're all going to the zoo on the 25th of this month and this morning she commented on a picture if my son saying that she can't wait until the zoo trip so she can finally see him again. So my husband said again that she can come over anytime. She said "I know but I've told you my schedule and you know I've had problems sleeping. Besides you guys know where I live too"

MamaBear 1 like

She lives about 40 minutes from our house and she has never invited us over to her house. She also texted my husband not to long ago ranting at him asking why it is that we can find the time to go visit my parents but we can't go see her My parents live much closer than she does and we only go to my parents for birthdays and holidays. I don't know what to do about it any more. I feel like if she's not going to put in the effort, then it's not my problem. But it's getting ridiculous.

Patience G 0 likes

My MIL is the same way. I just told her if she's not going to put forth the effort neither will I. She's the one missing out, not us.

Patience G 0 likes

She expects us to go but she can't come. Its ALOT easier for them to come then us have to pack a diaper bag and yada yada

LJ 0 likes

I have major issues with my MIL too. She's a hoarder and brings stuff over to our house non stop. Our kids can't go to her house because it's not safe. She fed my child stale food and blamed it on me. She posted really bad things about me on facebook and said I was a bad mom. She tried to manipulate my husband against me, saying I don't love him and my kids enough to get over my issues with her. We get along better now sonce my son was born just because I don't have time to be mad. Cont...

LJ 1 like

I think some moms have a hard time when their son starts a family. Is he an only child by any chance? Or her only son? I hope I don't act that way with my son.

Shirley F 2 likes

Sorry sounds like she just wants to play the martyr it's super annoying but some people are just like that ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘Ž

Logan's M 1 like

Ugh. Girl, I feel you. My husband's mom teaches; so, she has more vacation time than most peopleโ€”summer break, Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, 3-day and 4-day holiday weekends like Labor Day and Presidents' Day, etc. and his step-dad is retired. She complains, but didn't visit our son (not even on his birthday, which she's missed for three years in a row now, and he was born Labor Day weekend) for over 7 months. She'll go on trips to San Diego and Hawai'i and Italy, though.

EL . 1 like

I have a MIL, just like yours . I have been trying to stand her for 14 years:(

MamaBear 0 likes

Laura J, she has 2 daughters Both daughters have a child One of her daughters lives with her. So I'm not sure why she's acting like this

Claudia O 3 likes

I think she's is just making excuses to be the victim in all this. Have you asked her to meet up half way so that you can have lunch or something and see the LO as long as you give her means and she drops it then you can tell her in her face I've tried to give you options and means to come see the LO it's not us you know our circumstances and yet your not willing to adjust. Have your SO stand up for you and put his foot down on her. I had a situation like that too but I didn't let myself.

Logan's M 1 like

I agree with Claudia. ^

Kelly B 1 like

My MIL complains too.. There were 3 grand babies born on my husband's side last year and she has to bug us :-/ she never comes to visit but complains to my husband that she never can see our daughter. She even cries.. I felt bad at first but now this is getting old.

MamaBear 0 likes

We've invited her over for dinner and asked to meet her at the park. Every time she has an excuse to not do it. She has come over to our house twice since my son was born and he's 6 months old. She stayed less than 20 minutes both times. Both times we asked her to stay for dinner but she was too tired both times.

MamaBear 0 likes

And she only came over because she was already in town. Not to visit with us.

Mel Marie 1 like

It's called calling to see if you're available. She can walk down the road. You shouldn't have to go out of your way all the time. Looks like she just wants pity and drama honestly


Next time comment on her posts. She's been told to visit but if she can't find time it's her problem. She can call whenever and ask if either you can go over or she can. Tell her you're busy too so she can go over if she wants to or if she can find time to visit her grandchild even for 5 minutes after work each day. I'm glad I get along with my MIL.

Claudia O 1 like

Sorry to tell you this but she's the kind of MIL that's likes to be catered to and do as she says. She the kind that when she wants to see LO she wants you to come to her not the other way around. If SO doesn't want to put his foot down and defend your family then you do it for them. Be straight forward and tell her the times she could have seen the LO and all the times it could have been possible. I'm Hispanic and these kinds of situations happens all the time with me (continued)

Claudia O 1 like

I end up looking like a B*** but in the end I put them in their place and open everyone's eyes on the situation. In general I'm a nice person and very shy but if I hear or being told certain things I set them straight no matter what.

Logan's M 1 like


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