Oh boy! I took several Tests and they're All saying pregnant! I'm Waiting on my insurance to come in so I can't Make a doctors appointment And I'm Kind of freaking out until then. So to keep my mind busy, what are the must haves? The cute things? Best pump? My youngest is nearly 6 and I feel like it's Forever Ago! (Side note, how is it being pregnant With Covid? Will my fiancé be allowed into the ultrasounds?)

Mak3 W 1 like

I'm 6 weeks and in Texas. My hubby can't Come to any of my appts. My first is in two weeks. My youngest is almost 6 and holy moly so much I forgot about lol

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Mak3 W oh nooooo! Not sure how it is in NJ but it'll Devastate him if he can't Go! There's So many new and cute baby things! Back in the day it was buy buy or babies r us only lol

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