Officially starting the process to become a surrogate 😍 I can't wait to help a family become a family ❤️ makes my heart so happy!

Mommy B 4 likes

Congrats mama! (: that's awesome!

Leslie 4 likes

That's awesome!!

Jessica P 4 likes

You're amazing!

Caitlin F 4 likes

This is amazing! A lot of people won't do this and I seriously think you're a hero!

Mama D 4 likes

Awe , bless your heart! You're a blessing to a lucky couple who can't conceive ❤️


That's amazing! Congratulations to the new family to be. ❤️ Hope it all goes well. ❤️

Holly S 3 likes

Wow that is amazing

Brandi C 3 likes

Wow I would love to do that!! But my husband says he doesn't think he could handle seeing me pregnant and it not being his child he thinks he wouldn't be able to let it go 😕

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 3 likes

Wow that is so wonderful

Andrea 4 likes

It takes a STONG woman to do it. Congratulations! You're amazing 👏👏👏

Paola O 3 likes

Wow! You will be a huge blessing to a family! God bless your heart!

Mama Of 3 3 likes

How awesome! 👍😊

R 5 likes

That's amazing! You're so wonderful. As much as I would love to do that, I don't think I could handle it. ❤️

Caitlin L 3 likes

Thanks ladies! I was on the fence about it but I figured it will take me a while to meet a family and get pregnant so my baby will be a little bigger by then. I can't wait 💗

Shana V 3 likes

Wow, that's really great. There will be a family so thankful to find such a kind person.

Kathryn C 3 likes

Yay! That's so awesome!

Danielle S 3 likes

That's really awesome!

Vanessa T 3 likes

That's amazing!! Your so awesome for doing that for someone you don't even know and putting your body through .. God bless you momma! ❤️

Jillian S 3 likes

That's amazing! Good Luck!

Elizabeth . 2 likes

Wow, you will make a family so happy. This will be a roller coaster of a journey. I wish you all the support and love, you are an amazing woman! 😃

KW 2 likes

You are an amazing and very strong woman. I have thought about doing it but I don't think I could mentally handle it.

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