Not sure what my deal is but I can't seem to stick with a diet right now 😫 I'm up almost 30 lbs!!!! So depressing.

MommyJ 3 likes

Drink lots of water and green tea. Eat small portions. Try skinnytaste meals on there website. Exercise 30 min a day about 5 times a week. Write down what you eat on a notebook. You can do this 😘

MommyJ 2 likes

Snack on nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts. Cut out junk food also. Breakfast I like oatmeal or eggs with fruit. Lunch is small portion meal I made with salad and veggies. Dinner is salmon, rice veggies with avocado. Or shrimp, chicken and pasta.

T B 3 likes

Great advice above. Don't think of it as a ‘diet’. Think of it as healthy substitutions. For example, don't think you can't eat bread and pasta, and that you have to cut it out. That is depressing and dreadful from the beginning. Just eat whole wheat and whole grain. You're still eating bread, just healthier bread. If you don't like whole wheat, try honey wheat. It tastes good and it's better than white bread. Don't try to cut everything out or substitute all at once. Work up to healthier habits

T B 4 likes

It's harder to change everything at once and less likely to stick. Make small changes that will form lifelong habits. Like when you cook, just use olive oil instead of butter. If you have a craving for something sweet, grab fruits instead of cakes. Work up to big changes, and don't beat yourself up over it. If you've made healthy substitutions here and there, don't feel bad for enjoying dessert every now and then. Moderation is key. 😉 Hope this helps.

Mel Marie 2 likes

Try anti bloating pills too.

Luv_Ags 2 likes

I'm Not dieting just trying to eat less, plus found this app with quick work outs. They are different Lenth and kind, they have challenges and I've Been Enjoying it!

Mommy O 1 like

Thanks everyone 💖

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