My due date is today! No signs of labor. Getting very anxious!

Christine S 1 like

I was 41 weeks when my water broke, could still be a while or could be any time. Good luck and congratulations!

Marcella H 1 like

My 1st was nearly 2 weeks late... I did lunges uphill and work on a yoga ball the day I finally went into labor lol.

Ruth A 1 like

Awww good luck to you mama

Jane S 2 likes

Praying for your safe delivery. Good luck!

Joy V 1 like

Have a safe delivery momma! :)

Yolanda C 0 likes

Don't stress yourself about it. Just try to walk it helped me with my labor. Congrats and good luck.

Shelby M 1 like

Ah yes the waiting game. Baby will be here soon try your best to keep your mind busy it will happen Wilhelm you least expect it

Ciara B 1 like

Good luck!! Do lots of walking but take frequent breaks and drink lots of water. My water broke at 36 weeks & 6 days bc I walked up and down the stairs, did squats and walked as much as I could. I didn't know he would come that early but he did

Boy M 0 likes

Thank you all!! I know it's a waiting game and that's what makes me more anxious and we're very excited to meet our little one. The good thing is my DR said she wouldn't let me go past the 17th.

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