No judging please. I find breastfeeding a lot of work sometimes I cant wait for my beautiful DD turn 6 months so I could be DONE, but as soon as I do latch her on, I love just staring at her, talk/sing to her, and do enjoy the beautiful bond we share, and I'm like oh I could wait. Its a love hate thing I guess. How long did you mommas breastfeed for?

Yasmine D 1 like

By son is 10 months and my goal is 1 year. Initially I wanted to stop at 6 months but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Jordan C 2 likes

I exclusively pumped for 9 months and then I cried for 2 days when I lost my supply. I so badly wanted to make it to at least a year. I was devastated that I had to start giving her formula.

Loe D 3 likes

I'm so with you! I hate breast feeding but I know it's so good for my baby! I plan to do a year. She just turned 6 mon so half way to go!

Ashley R 3 likes

5 wks with my oldest. Stopped due to milk protein allergy. My second I had 10 months later and attempted to BF and that lasted a week:). With juggling 2 under 1 it was easier and more convenient for me to formula feed.

Amy Y 2 likes

1 year so far. I figured I'll stop when she's ready.

Melissa S 1 like

14 months. When he started pulling up or down my shirts to get at my breasts... That was my cue! LOL

Kelly B 1 like

I didn't breastfeed. I pumped for 4 months and had a big enough supply to last until she was 5 months. With working 10 hour days and pumping every 4 hours I couldn't get enough rest and it was wearing on me

Tammie W 1 like

Congrats for doing for that long ! My lo is 10 months and we are going for a year I love it every time I nurse him he holds one of my fingers. Right now he's going through a stage where he only wants to nurse for a bit stops sucks his thumb and has to be touching my skin with his cheek to fall asleep.

Emma 1 like

I breast fed for a month. It is hard, never thought it would be! I had to stop because of a milk protein allergy. I was also ready to give up because it was stressful-I still get bummed out that I couldn't do it though. I had an amazing supply of milk even the nurses were shocked about how quickly and how much came in right away.

C L 2 likes

We are still going strong at 7 months and don't plan on quitting any time soon. I don't even want to know how emotional I'll be when its time to quit! 😁

Becky A 1 like

It's bittersweet for me. No live the bonding time with him, it's doesn't cost anything, and I know how great it is for him BUT I also would like a little more freedom, not having to worry about pumping etc

Cassie H 1 like

That's awesome! I'm at almost 4 months but I plan on switching to formula after her 4 month check up because it's too much. I work as a nanny so I have her plus other kids and mine and another house to take care of. I don't have time to pump and I've had thrush the whole time I've been breastfeeding so I have no milk stored. I fail like a failure becauE my goal was 6 months but it's too much for me.

Lisa W 2 likes

The longest I have done it was two and a half years. He wasn't the easiest Child to wean.

Z's MOM❤️ â 2 likes

I'm breastfeeding !! I love it ! But my DD seems not to be getting full although she 💦💦💧 milk everywhere!! I'm not complaining but my nipples are also killing me! I'm pumping and breastfeeding !!

Lisa W 1 like

My lo now who will be one next week I can't wait till he stops. He has me so sore and he bites. I'm ready to be done now. I'm having a hard time weaning him and he hates bottles. Ugh.

Alyssa S 3 likes

1month. It's very hard. Even after reading everything and doing classes and talking to consultants I just couldn't do it. Supply was awesome. 8 oz altogether each time. Even after a feeding. But she couldn't latch to the right. Tried a shield but was losing supply. Was engorged and got mastitis. Leaked all the time so I smelled gross. Was too tired and scared if hurt my baby from getting frustrated. So I stopped. Wanted to go a year:( but she's a healthy happy baby so it's fine:) she also would

Alyssa S 1 like

Pull really hard on my breast and unlatch so if be in a lot of pain. We just had a lot of problems so I decided it was best for us to stop. I quite cold turkey. She went straight to formula after my frozen milk was gone. Now she's a chubby, fast learning, happy girl and is growing way too fast! I miss my little 6.13 lb baby that fit on my chest..

SAHMommy 2 likes

I formula fed. No reason to feel bad. It's very hard to do that and you should be very proud.

Yv L 3 likes

There are no bottle to wash, no waiting, no heating up water, no spilling or packing when to out , it is a big saving not have to buy formula. That is how much less you have to do when bf . However, there are restriction on what kind of clothing you can wear( so you can feed the baby), what food you can eat or drink , how long you can be away without pumping or feeding the baby. It is not easy to be a mom.

Nikki B 2 likes

Don't feel bad! Be proud you are even doing it! It's such a great thing! I did 4 months and felt no guilt when I stopped lol ... To me first 3 months is most important ... Once he turned 4 months I started giving him solids so didn't feel I needed to breastfeed him anymore ... Not to mention I don't eat well so my milk probably wasn't that nutritious anyway lol ... Breastfeeding and pumping is so much work! But once you stop you will be like dangggg this buying formula really sucks!!! Lol

Mommy 2 likes

I'm almost at 12 months and she will be done by then, once you get passed the 6 month mark you will think it's just so much easier, cheaper and more convenient. My goal was 6 months. We got there and decided to keep going. At 9 months you can start with homo (whole) milk once a day. That cuts out one breastfeed for you so you are able to get away easier.

Nanz C 1 like

I love all the different, GOOD answers thanks guys 😄

Tabitha C 2 likes

I breast fed for the first 2 mo due to lack of production I had to quit. I would have done it longer. My next child I will do it longer. I loved when he'd fall asleep and smile then realize that he wasn't attached anymore and like kind of bite down. I loved it but hated it. I don't knows about any of you moms but I would cry sometimes when he'd use me as a pacifier.

Emily, R 1 like

I only made it a month. Too much physical pain and emotional distress made it unhealthy for both of us

Cesia H 2 likes

I only made it to 4 months with my son. I lost my supply. No matter how hard I tried to keep it, I just couldn't get it back. I was heartbroken. I did cry because he would always search for my breast when I would hold him and try to give him a bottle, and I would feel so bad. Few months forward and he's now almost 11 months old happy & healthy. I did take pictures and videos of him breastfeeding just for me, so I can remember all the cute little sounds he made, and the little smiles he gave me

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