Next question 😌 my LO is 3 months and recently we changed his formula to see if his eczema lessons, his gas pains/colic goes away n they said if he has a dairy allergy this is best. Well since he's been drinking this all had gotten better but now he spits up almost a half an hour after his feedings this clear liquid n it can happen more than once. I'm constantly changing him but my biggest concern is this ok? Any of ur babies do this? He doesn't cry, he could be smiling n a bunch comes out πŸ˜–

Jacqueline's M 1 like

How many ounces are you feeding ? Maybe over feeding ?? Try giving him a little less see if that helps !

Kai 1 0 likes

Enfamil Nutramigen ✨ he almost 4 months, 15lbs - healthy n no signs of him being ill. Always happy ☺️ I just hope this clear liquid isn't something to be concerned with. He does spit up when burped but very very lil. It's the clear stuff a half later that is an issue/concern.

Danie M 1 like

My son used to spit up clear stuff a little after his bottles, he was around that age too.. dr said it wasn't anything to be concerned about

Kai 1 0 likes

Giving him 4oz n he use to drink 5 n a 6oz bottle before sleep. Since the new formula which I've only been using for a lil over a week he's been drinking only 4. 4 is perfect n he seems satisfied but the spitting up mommy is not digging. Clear like water πŸ˜•

Jaxon's M 1 like

My LO does that too. I took him in and they said it was normal. Some babies just do that. I just put a bib on him now after he eats that way I'm not always changing his clothes

Kai 1 0 likes

Yes bibs, I'm about to buy another pack or two. I need some good ones that won't went his outfit underneath... I'm glad I'm not the only one. I guess as long as he's happy n not losing weight. Ughh all the cleaning 😩☺️ thx ladies. πŸ’™πŸŒ™

Tracy P 1 like

I'm so glad you mentioned this! My lo just started on nutramigen about a week ago and she will spit up a bit but also drools/ Spits in clear liquid a lot. The other day I put her down to brush my teeth and came to get her 2 min later and her one whole arm was wet and some of her back. She has her two month visit this week so I was going to talk to the doc.

Kaytee Jo 1 like

My doctor told me all formula fed babies are more like to spit up than breastfed. And from my experience she was right! When my daughter was on formula she spat up so much I was concerned if she was getting enough but she was!

Ashley W 1 like

Add cereal! My son has the same thing . It's very thin formula. It helps with spit up quite a lot.

Kai 1 0 likes

Tracy I love what Nutramigen has done for my baby besides the smell n liquidity spit ups. I was gonna talk to my dr before our 4 month visit but now I will just wait. Don't give up on it, I heard it also takes time to adjust in baby's belly... Ashley cereal had my son constipated. I'm nervous to try cereal again w/new formula but was going to ask my dr about using again too. I just don't want the constipation to come back since he's so regular n happy in that department.

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