I have twin 5 week old boys. They got a mix of breast milk and formula for one month. Now it's only formula (enfamil gentlease). One twin eats every 2 hours on the dot, around the clock. Aren't formula fed babies supposed to go a little longer in between feedings? I read somewhere they should be every 4-6 hours. This seems like more than a growth spurt considering it's been like this since birth. Any thoughts?

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We tried similac AR too. Just have him has and did not extend periods in between feedings.

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Haha. Ok just gave him gas***. Autocorrect šŸ˜

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My ff baby still eats every 2-3 hours. He is 4 months old and eats 3oz. I think if he just ate more at a feeding he would go longer but he's lazy lol

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That's partially why I quit bf. I was a legit snack bar all day and night plus I have a two year old dtr. So that was that, I weaned and now only ff. But I thought the formula would help keep him fuller longer...I'm so sleepy šŸ˜“šŸ˜“

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My 2 month old gets a mix of formula and breast milk. Just last night I fed her 6 oz of formula and she woke me up 3 hours later for 4 more ounces

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Maybe I can increase the qty. He gets 4 oz every 2 hours. Although he spits up occasionally too. I guess it's just newborn stuff and it'll just work itself out...thanks!

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Mine ate so much for the first six weeks. I did both too... But I used nestle good start formula. I think it's normal for them to be really hungry for the first while, nothing to worry about.

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You've gotta trust you kid, as all babies, even twins, are different. They will both eat less frequently as they get older.

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Not necessarily, your one that eats every 2 hours may have a bigger appetite! My daughter ended up being on formula after 6 weeks and she ate every 2 hours as well. Maybe try giving your baby an ounce more on top of what he's taking now, he'll be a little bit more fuller and may wait a little longer to be fed. But keep in mind, he may spit up more because his tummy will be really full. Good luck!!

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I am glad you said this... My sons eating habits were starting to concern me.

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Give them more to eat, they tell you when they are hungry my lil one was always waking up crying and I finally gave her half an ounce more and now she goes every three to four hours

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Mine has been bottle fed since 5 weeks old and she sometimes would eat every hour! Now she is 18 weeks and eats every 2-3 hours except for at night when she sleeps 8-10 hrs

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I no a lot people dont really give there new borns cereal but I started my daughter on it with her formula at 5 weeks. She has no probs with it. I use the formula scoop 1/2 for 2 oz and a full scoop for 4 oz. it really helps she is only waking up once at night now

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Feeding babies formula or baby cereal early to get them fuller and to sleep longer is a MYTH. Every baby is different and it's in your head that they're sleeping longer because of it. Babies digestive system is not ready for baby cereal before 6m. Doctors that recommend it are stupid. Teaching your baby good sleep habits is what makes them sleep better. As for your post, babies cluster feed weather BF or bottlefed. It's completely normal. As they grow it will even out and then up again sometimes

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Every child is different. My daughter has 5 bottles a day. When my son was a baby he had 10 bottles a day. Baby will eat when he's hungry :)

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Thanks everyone!

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Maybe add some baby cereal into it or make more of the bottle like if u only make a 4oz bottle and it's not satisfying for long bump it up to like 6 oz.......

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Maybe you could feed them more ounces per feeding, and burp more often.

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One of my twins used to take the other ones bottle.

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