My 3 week old has a diaper rash on his butt that I can't seem to get rid of. I was using desatin but I was told butt paste was better but it seems to be getting worse. I need something to keep him dry but I've heard that baby powder is no longer considered safe. I'm switching to unscented wipes and I use target brand diapers which doesn't have any scent or dye so idk what to do. Help!

Larissa A 2 likes

We just used Vaseline on out daughter. When she had her diaper rash. Cleared it up right away

Dana O 3 likes

Make sure it's not a yeast infection

Kirsty A 0 likes

Have you tried butt paste? It works wonders for my son when desitin dose not :)

Chastity S 1 like

My dr and every one says aquphor it works for yeast also

Ciara B 2 likes

Yeah i love Target brand diapers and unscented wipes! I found two recipes for homemade diaper rash cream: (This one HAS zinc oxide in it): (This one does not):

Amanda W 2 likes

I use this stuff that's made for horses, but my friend told me about it & it's THE best stuff I've found. It's called Corona cream, you can find it on amazon. Its completely safe for humans, I asked my pediatrician. It's also good for chapped lips & other things. If it's a yeast infection, go to Wal mart & go to the pharmacy section, look for "pro-ex". It's an OTC yeast infection cream, and it works better than the stuff the dr will give you. The best part is it's only 88 cents!

Jenn S 1 like

Baking soda or oatmeal baths help as well. I always recommend triple paste diaper cream. It's really thick. I've used it on all three of my kids.

Mommyof3under3 0 likes

Try powder - caldescene powder is cheap and works well. I found that using it on conjunction with Anti-monkey butt paste over a few days does the trick (u can find the paste on Amazon). Also you can use cortisone cream twice daily for up to 10 days for inflammation .

Caroline W 2 likes

Triple paste. Air time without diaper. Try a different diaper. Make sure it's not yeast.

Amber B 1 like

Cornstarch works wonders! I used it on all 4 of my kids as it was ether almost or completely gone by the next day.

Allicia H 0 likes

It might be an yeast infection

Brooke S 1 like

I use a&d when my LO has a rash

Whitney C 1 like

My daughter had terrible diaper rash at this same age. My doc told me to stop using wipes. Even if they are gentle, unscented, etc. She suggested a nice paper towel or a cloth moisten with just water. I cut up receiving blankets and used those with water and literally within 24 hours the rash was 90% gone. Also, if you can let her lay on a towel without a diaper for a bit the air helps as well.

Maggie Y 0 likes

Baby powder not safe? Use your own judgement on that it's been used since my mom was a baby. Every year they will come out with some kinda research to freak people out and get them to buy something new or different when really it's fine.

Tatianna U 1 like

Zincofrax worked awesome for me I just layered it on and eventually it went away. I had to make sure to change my LO diaper promptly to keep him dry. Also bathing him and using soap to keep things clean and making sure he's nice and dry before applying the zincofrax

Lindsey C 1 like

Lotrime athletes foot cream was recommended by my pediatrician for my daughters yeast infection and it cleared it up super fast!

Alisha M 3 likes

Our daughters get yeast infections when they have dairy, we clear it up within 24 hours by using coconut oil on the infected area. Works perfect for us!

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