My husband wants to circumcise our son when he's born, but I'm not sure. Pros and cons?

Josselin M 2 likes

My baby is 3mo and I didn't get his circumcised and so far he's okay just making sure to keep it clean.πŸ‘

Sara H 5 likes

I work at an OBGYN clinic. The doctors there encourage circumcision because later in life (heaven forbid) your child have a stroke or disability where they aren't able to keep as clean as necessary, it can cause serious health issues with the nether region.

Kayla G 1 like

If you don't do it make sure you clean him well so infection doesn't sink in. If you do then he doesn't have to go through the pain later on if he does want it done. My father got his done at 13 and he said that was the most pain he had ever went through and he wished me grandmother had gotten it done when he was a baby.

Stephanie W 6 likes

We did the circumcision. It looked painful but we kept lots of Vaseline on it and kept it really clean and it was all healed within 4-5 days. Much simpler to do it when they are born, plus you have the assistance of the nurses til you go home

Chrissy A 6 likes

Google Google Google!! Get ur own information. My husband wanted it and I was unsure. So we took over a month of none stop reading and decided no way! It decreases sexual pleasure when they r older. It's there for a reason and Dr are now starting to see its not necessarily something that needs to be done. We do not touch our sons foreskin we whip him clean and never pull back and he is fine, more then fine. Personally I think it's horrible and painful even for a baby.. Just please look into it.

Jodi B 0 likes

I have watched a couple circumcisions during my maternity clinicals when I was a nursing student. I have seen babies cry for a split second when getting it done and I have seen babies completely sleep through the whole thing... A majority of boys are circumsized so as he gets older, it may be embarrassing for him. Also it almost completely eliminates the chances of getting penile cancer and it holds bacteria if you don't (I'm only relaying what I was taught during nursing school)

Alyssa N 0 likes

Honestly I would say ask men- we looked up info online and then asked several men we know what they wish their mother would have done differently! Most said they were glad their mothers did it solely on appearances

M. S 3 likes

To each their own so no judgement but I would never do it. Where I live it is no longer covered under medical and is deemed "cosmetic" because the newest research indicates it is wholly unnecessary. A lot of people argue it could get infected, but I could get breast cancer so does that mean I should get preventative mastectomy? I don't see the difference. We no longer take out tonsils/appendix etc routinely anymore either UNLESS it becomes a problem.. I think foreskin should be the same!

Nicole M 1 like

It's considered a cosmetic surgery these days. I chose to circumcise for cleanliness issues and self esteem issues he might face later on. If you choose to do it the maintenance during the healing process is easy. Lots of Vaseline with every diaper change and keep it wrapped in gauze.

Michele B 3 likes

It's not routinely recommended anymore. You're right to question whether it's worth the risk of complications, infection & subjecting your baby to the pain of permanently altering their anatomy. The health benefits are inconclusive but the risks of the procedure are very real. And yes, it might be more complicated for him to have it done later in life if he chooses, but shouldn't it be his choice to make?

Michele B 2 likes

If you decide to do it, be sure to understand how your doc does it & how they treat the pain. I witnessed a few cirs, & not all docs do them the same & some docs (shamefully) didn't even use lidocaine 😣

Michele B 1 like

Sara, I'm sorry but if the docs in your office are recommending circumcision for that reason, they shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. That's absurd! I would be willing to bet that there is no research evidence to support circumcision b/c it's "safer" if someone becomes disabled. That's not exactly a form of preventive medicine that makes much sense...By that logic they may as well perform mastectomies on little girls so they don't get breast cancer. 😳😧

Michele B 2 likes

My beef is of course Sara, is not with you (in fact, thank you for sharing!), but with those encouraging a outdated barbaric practice maybe because they get paid based on interventions performed and not health outcomes. ****sigh****

Rachel B 3 likes

Personally I chose not to do it to my son. It's so unnecessary and my son has no problems so far whatsoever. My DH doesn't have it done either and his parts are working VERY well!! I also want him to look like his daddy for when questions arise.

Amber R 1 like

I was very on the fence about it before having my son too. Thankfully, my cousin (a male) is a doctor and he told me all the amazing health benefits that come with getting it done. Chief among them being, that it is a simple outpatient procedure that goes real quick, and can help prevent certain types of prostate cancer! So I would suggest, if you are really unsure, do some good research, see the benefits for yourself, and have a good, honest convo w/ your Ped. They are there to listen and help.

Yaiza M 3 likes

We did not do it. My husband wanted to because that's what he knew but after researching it very well we decided not to. Most of the world is actually not circumcised, I am Spanish and no men in my family ( all intact) have ever had an issue with it at any age! They use to believe that you needed to force the skin to retract on an intact child in order to clean it and that practice is in fact the reason for most injuries and the need to circumcise later in life.

Em A 0 likes

I circumcised my baby at birth. And as far as keeping it clean if you don't think of it like good do little boys clean??? My stepson is 8 years old and he takes half a$$ showers all the time so I know if he wasn't circumcised he would not be cleaning it good.

Rachel B 2 likes

Oh and by the way, every surgery procedure that doctors do make them A LOT of money. So of course doctors are going to push a tiny little procedure like that!!! it's super easy money for them. And why do they care how out sons will feel about it when they are older. Same goes for cesarian, docs make WAY more money to do surgery than to wait it out and let us have our babies naturally. So if even one tiny little complication happens or we take to long, cesarian it is!!! That's how docs get paid!!

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Getting it done was never a question for us. It was a definite yes. Yes some for appearance sake. My hubs is and so natural your son would be. I didn't want any concerns with looking "different" and much later in school and sports that will come up to. It's cleaner, yes not a huge issue but the stats on infections are much less when done. The sex thing cracks me up. How do they prove that. Someone that's always been circumcised how do you know they are less satisfied then those not? My hubs and

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I kept seeing a few articles that said that men who aren't circumcised have more sexual pleasure than those who are. Found it amusing but before you base you decision on that do some research on how and who came to those conclusions. And that will no longer be on the list as reasons to not do it. It's a personal preference that everyone just needs to decide. In America it is so common to have it done the chances of a child dealing with issues from not being circumcised are more likely than one

Aprilbaby 1 like

Dealing with issues bc he is circumcised. Of all the men I have talked to I have never had a single one say they wish they had this foreskin back.

Caitlyn S 1 like

I would do it if hi had a son. As a health care provider myself it is soooo much easier down the road to clean and they get less uti in the nursing home, yes it's crazy to think of you baby being 70 but one day he will be

Jennifer B 0 likes

I debated a lot about having done or not. I did decide to do it, in the end. It healed fairly quickly, but then I changed his diaper one day and saw white pussy blisters all around his private area! Apparently, they had given him a staff infection! It totally freaked me out! I was livid. That too did clear up quickly without any complications. I am not trying to scare you, just make sure everything they use is clean and sterilized well!!!

Kristina T 0 likes

About the cleanliness thing, if most men in the world aren't circumcised, do they all have health problems? Why don't they do it in other countries?

Ma W 1 like

We had it done, did the research and wasn't a question afterwards! But everyone has their own opinions and reasons, do what is best for your baby and your family!

Allyson S 0 likes

I have a 7 year old who is not circumsized and we always have issues in the summer time because it gets stuck in the netting of his swim trunks so my 8 month old is circumsized and it heeled in 5 days

Shawna G 1 like

I decided against it! It is not routinely done here anymore, the doctors here don't recommend it. So also the way I looked at it when he is older it will be more common that men are not circumcised. He is a year old and we have never had an issue.

Diannah D 0 likes

We decided against it after some research and talking to our ped. She's Italian and said that America is pretty much the only country that does it regularly. My SO is from Australia and said the main reason they do it there was because they wanted to avoid infections in the Vietnam war so they started doing it to all the drafted soldiers. But American males aren't living in the humid jungle. :)

Diannah D 0 likes

My SO's 10 year old isn't and he has terrible hygiene and no issues. It's a personal choice though so don't let anyone on a high horse convince you one way or another. Do your research, talk to your SO, and do what's best for you and baby! GL! :)

Yaiza M 0 likes

Kristina about the cleanness like you asked, most of the world is not circumcise and that is not a real issue. Women tent to get more UTIs than men because of the way we are built and that doesn't mean we should be trying to cut some parts to make it easier to clean. There are reasons why is not a recommended procedure anymore, even Medicaid would not cover it. Times change and more information appears. Not all doctors are for it either

Kathleen C 1 like

Personal choice but he will likely be pissed later in life if you don't. It doesn't hurt them, they won't remember, but if he has to do it when he's older... Ouch. I did it for my son.

Chrissy A 0 likes

And I have talked to men who wish they had their foreskin back.. You just don't know Cuz it's not a topic many men talk about;) I asked many male friends about their foreskin when I had my little one lol

D D 0 likes

Some ppl think it's a most! But really it's all up to you don't do it if ur not 100% sure u want ur "NB" go throw all that pain!

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