Needing tips/advice on potty training at night!! I have an almost 4 year old who is still in pull ups bc we can't get the "potty thing" down pat at night, please help!!

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My 4.5 year old has only just started to make it through the night dry. It's pretty common your it to take a lot longer for night training to happen. Don't sweat it. Keep an eye on how consistently the pull-ups are dry in the morning, and once it starts happening pretty frequently, you can ditch the pull-ups. Meanwhile, you can try limiting drinks for an hour or so before bed.

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I've tried the limitations on drinks before bed but I think it's bc we love in a kind of older house and it's "scarey" to him

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Aww if he's scared I saw a few awesome things that some moms did. Taking a label off a air freshener can and labeling it "monster/zombie/scary things" for him to spray when he's afraid and it will "kill or vanish" anything scary. I thought that sounded awesome although I've never tried it lol. I personally just have quite a few night lights for my son, if you don't have any they are really great for kids that are scared.

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You may want to bring back the old baby monitor & let him know it's ok to page you in the middle of the night so you can escort him. It is an inconvenience but it's what I use for foster kids while I'm training toddlers in my home. Of course you can expect the occasional accident from time to time but it won't be too long before they recognize & wake up & go on his own. If you do cut back drinks before bedtime, I've found greatest success when done around 5:30-6 PM.

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No more drinks after dinner. Using the potty twice after dinner and bed.

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Just put him in underwear and let him pee so he knows the consequence if he does I swear it works:)

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I just got my 3 year old son fully potty trained, I'm not sure if this will help at all but I got rid of all pull ups it seemed to just take it right back to a diaper feeling. No drinks before going to bed. There was a few nights he went in his underwear at night but I would lay a towel down under him and he would sleep on that, about a week after that he now wakes up threw out the night and says he has to go, or he don't go at all till morning. Not sure if that will help or not lol :)

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I would take away the pull ups or pop undies under them so he feels the wee happen, maybe a night light toward the bathroom in case he's a bit frightened

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Thank you ladies, I also have an almost 7 month old daughter and pull ups and diapers are kinda expensive :/

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