Needing some advice!! I have such a gassy baby!! It seems like I've tried it all. She is on soy based formula. I've tried gas drops and gripe water. She is still so fussy and has a hard time passing gas. She will cry and cry. I've tried rubbing her back and belly. What else can I try or do?! I hate seeing my daughter in pain!

Abby M 5 likes

Push her legs and knees to her chest in a repetitive motion, also, lay her in her belly.

Klaryssa S 0 likes

What kind of formula are you feeding you baby?

Laura D 4 likes

Also try get the doctor Browns bottles fur the future

Christie M 2 likes

Have you tried something called colic calm? My sisters son was the same way and she tried it and she says it works so well and helps them feel better almost instantly. They sell it at CVS it is a little on the pricey side but most people that tried it says it works great

Madyson S 1 like

Try playtex drop-ins bottles. My baby was the same way.. We tried everything even dr. Browns bottles didn't help him. With the drop ins, you squeeze the air out yourself. Since we started using these and also switched his formula to Similac sensitive (probably a lot like what you are using for your LO) we haven't had to use any gas drops.

Emma S 1 like

Bicycle legs worked wonders for us! It's a weird product, but the makers of Nose Freida made a product that helps babies pass gas. You can look it up on Amazon. The name escapes me right now. It's a little thing that you can put in the baby's bum momentarily to help him/her relieve gas. Some people swear by it.

Brandy S 0 likes

My 1st was the same way. I would get a q-tip and put Vaseline on it and put only the tip in his but. He would be able to poop and pass gas afterwards

Hillary K 1 like

I haven't tried colic calm but I will! It can't hurt! Thank yall so much!

Allie J 1 like

Push knees to belly like a laying down squat ( hold for 1 full breath). My son also liked being put in the squat position. Sometimes he would try to push himself up with his legs (let them) and settle back into it sometimes it may look frantic. Lastly hold baby in front of you facing outward like a kangaroo one arm holding across their chest under both arms and other under butt. (I bounce LO a bit while I do this) with hand under butt make legs trace out a big circle I front of you clockwise

Lorena F 0 likes

When placed on the abdomen, a warm towel can assist gas movement and reduce heartburn.

Kayla 0 likes

Colic Calm and bicycle kicks. Only 2 things that will work for us.

Em A 0 likes

I've heard gerber makes a great formula for colic. Something soothe I think. Can't remember. Or try a hypoallergenic formula.

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

Place the palm of your hand over Baby’s navel and let your fingers and thumb encircle Baby’s abdomen. Let Baby lean her tense abdomen against your warm hand. Dad’s bigger hands provide an added touch. Practice the “I love U” touch. This is a time-tested infant-massage technique. Picture an upside-down “U” over the surface of your baby’s abdomen. Underneath are your baby’s tense intestines, which need relaxing, out of which you are trying to massage the gas.

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

Rub some warm massage oil on your hands and knead Baby’s tense abdomen with your flattened fingers in a circular motion. Start with a downward stroke for the “I” on Baby’s left side, then massage along the upside-down “L” along the top of your baby’s abdomen, and then massage along the upside-down “U,” stroking upward along the right, across, and down the left side. Try this abdominal massage with Baby on your lap and his feet facing you.

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

The above sometimes helped my LO. Good luck!

TERESA W 1 like

My baby was the same way and on soy formula we ended up changing her formula to Similac Alimentum and started using Dr Brown bottles. Amazing results! We stopped her Zantac & gripe water too

Christina K 1 like

There is a great YouTube video on tummy massage for gas. What works best for us is to hold LO behind the knees (rather than feet) and then push up. I've heard the Windi is amazing

Melissa G 0 likes

Try Gerber Soothe probiotic drops. We give them to my LO daily and they've helped a ton, he's much more regular! They also have a Gerber Soothe formula too that may be worth a try. Colic calm is expensive. They also make a product called Tummy Calm (made by the same company), we started those in his night bottle and that helps too. The ingredients are very close, the tummy calm is more for gas and it's a little cheaper :)

Melissa G 0 likes

Dr Browns bottles have also been a life savor for us! I feel your pain on the gassy baby, it's not fun!

Stacey L 0 likes

A probiotic it worked wonders for us!

Sabrina B 1 like

I had the same problem! I changed the bottle and limited the amount of different brand bottles used. I also changed my son's formula to enfamil gentlease which causes less gas and he has never been constipated since he has been on it . He is three months now and i've been using the gentlease formula since he was 3 weeks.

Sabrina B 0 likes

Try one brand of bottles for couple days, then try another brand for a couple of days. If you don't see any improvement change the water!!!!! Use pure distilled water! Not the nursery water! The flouride is what make the baby's tummy upset sometimes and when they have too much, it causes gas and fussiness!

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Colic calm helps us a lot. It will make your LO poop black though so don't freak out ;)

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