Need to start Birth control! Heard so many crazy things I'm scared to use something that can ruin my chances of getting pregnant in the future! Any advice? (Confession: never used anything but condoms πŸ™Š) I really don't want to get pregnant until my LO is 4 yr old. He is only 7 months. Thanks in advance πŸ’•

Lauren T 4 likes

If condoms worked before I'd keep using them.

L M 2 likes

I never used bc before I has my son. After 6 weeks I got the implanon. Best thing. Never have to remember anything. It's good for 3 years. And I don't get my period. If I do, it's VERY light.

Jilly M 1 like

Maybe think about the IUD I used the copper IUD and loved it protected me for the 7 years I had it in for and I like it better then the mirena due to it having no hormones

Mrs. H 1 like

The pill has always worked great for me & had NO trouble getting pregnant after stopping it.

Jilly M 0 likes

The pill does indeed work but the risks are scary Yet everything has its risks

Andrea 2 likes

I agree. The pill is great. If you can remember to take it. You can control when you get your period. You can skip it if you need to :) good luck!!!

Bryanna T 2 likes

Don't take depo! Getting pregnant afterwards is nearly impossible :(

Ray B 1 like

I've tried birth control pills, depo shot, nuvaring and copper IUD. My 2 fav is the nuvaring and the IUD. I am currently on my copper IUD. I love it other than the fact that I get painful cramps and sex hurts when he goes deep πŸ˜” I don't want to get it removed bc it doesn't have any hormones and I go crazy with the hormones! But then again sex is painful now so I'm still deciding. Everyone is different. Try the nuvaring! That one only gives off a little bit of hormones.

Mindy K 2 likes

Mini Pill is great. It doesn't have estrogen in it. You can feel normal, not hormonal. It has to be taken at the same time everyday which is hard for some women. It's best to set an alarm and keep it by the bedside so you never miss a dose. You won't have a problem getting pregnant once you're off it either. You can also BF when you take it. So you could start taking it again 6 weeks after you have your next LO

megan s 1 like

I love the IUD. the most effective birth control and you don't have to remember to take a pill or anything. I didn't gain any weight or get too crazy emotional

Nikki W 1 like

The implanon is AMAZING!!!! And I never have my period either!!!

Mary S 1 like

I didn't do well on any birth control bc it threw my hormones out of whack but the mini pill was the one with the least side effects.

Mayra H 2 likes

Thank you lady's so much!

Mary Beth C 1 like

Mirena IUD for sure! Very low dose hormones that eventually stop your periods. It's good for 5 years and I just had a patient who had hers removed after 4 years and was pregnant the next month. Very safe and very effective. πŸ‘

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