Need to keep breast milk frozen 3 day road trip any ideas??? Total about 225oz any help please

JVP 2 likes

Pelican cooler!

Dana P 3 likes

Dry ice

Megan H 1 like

That cooler is a lot of money wow

JVP 2 likes

Yea! We bought one off someone for $250! Best cooler ever!

Toya B 1 like

Dry ice is the best way to go. I did that with my son

Nadia A 2 likes

You'll need about 5-8 lbs of dry ice in a regular cooler. Make sure the dry ice is packed in plenty of paper bags as it will last longer that way. This will keep your breastmilk frozen solid!

Megan H 1 like

I bet....I just don't have that kind of money do u guys think of I wrap each bag of milk with foil and put on ice and keep adding new ice it would stay frozen??

Everleigh's M 3 likes

Styrofoam cooler & a shit ton of ice.

Everleigh's M 2 likes

Oh dang, I just saw 3 days... Um, keep refilling the ice ?

Alyssa A 2 likes

Cooler with ice packs is what I use but I don't know if it'll last three days.

Emma S 2 likes

Cooler with ice packs and keep replenishing the ice at gas stations.

Stephanie A 2 likes

You can get a cheap foam cooler and line the inside with plastic and just have a whole bunch of ice and constantly monitor it and replace the ice p

Patti T 1 like

Dry ice will end up being cheaper than replacing ice for 3 days. Our local Fred Meyer (Kroger) sells it. Then you don't have to worry or monitor it if you buy enough.

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