Need some advice. Some of you know my frustration with my daughter and potty training. I'm proud to say she did really well last week with peeing and this week went 5 steps back. She still refuses to poop on potty. My question if she is so comfortable pooping in pull up and underwear... Do I let her go bottomless and see what happens? Or will she enjoy that and do it all the time?

Lynn N 0 likes

Pooping is the hard part. For my son, i know he love candy. I would make my 5 years old daughter poop in the toilet and then give her candy as a prize. I would do in front of my son. He would want the candy too. I told him if he want candy he need to do the same thing to. So, he would do it everytime. After a week later, he got the hang of it I stop giving him the candies. So, find out what your child like then bribe her.

Teri L 0 likes

We have tried bribed, candy, potty prize bag, praise, punishment, books, games, DVDs . Everything. :( do frustrated.

Jessie L 3 likes

If you got 3 days to commit to her and not leave the house. Take diapers away. Get her to throw them out. All of them. This is for you. Have her wear Panties no pants. Ones she will love. Catch EVERY accident. Run her to the toilet. Even if she already peed on the floor. Celebrate every success. Elaborately. Even give treats or toys for big successes. There will be lots of accidents. No water before bed and wake her early to pee. By third day it will CLICK.

Jessie L 3 likes

You need to watch her closely. Never put her on the toilet and wait to pee. It will make the toilet unenjoyable for her. Always tell her to let you know when she has to be but don't ask her if she has to pee. She will depend on you to remind her if you always ask.

Jessie L 1 like

This method takes only three days. I had trouble with my daughter. Stubborn and didn't like the toilet. I did this 3 day potty training and voila. Potty trained. From diapers to panties in 3 days. Went to daycare and had NO ACCIDENTS. not one on day 4. It really works.

Teri L 0 likes

We have done the undies piece but still does it. We can have her sit and pee and 5 min later she will pee on the floor too. Sometimes she pees in the potty without being asked.

Jessie L 0 likes

Oh another thing. Never say she's bad for having an accident. Tell her the wet panties are yucky and dirty and need to be washed now. Then put new panties and keep on going. It will be tough. She will ask for diapers. Because they are easy and she doesn't want to stop playing to pee. Etc. but if you have to do a bunch of laundry for a few days. And possibly sheets for a bit after. Nights take a bit to catch on with most. But SO WORTH IT

Jovanna R 0 likes

Wean I had to potty train I got rid of the diapers and of corse prepared for accidents but stuck to straight undies all day pull ups only for bed time and it took about 3 days but worked very well for me !!!having dirty undies is very uncomfortable !!

Jessie L 0 likes

Oh I forgot. LOTS OF JUICE water popcicles. Liquid. You wanna make her pee lots. The more times she has to go the quicker she will realize. The first few times my daughter peed and didn't flinch until I grabbed her and ran to toilet. By 3rd pee she peed a little and stopped herself and looked at me like" oh no!" The second day she was dribbling a little then stopped herself and ran to potty herself. By the end of day 3 she was getting there before she peed at all.

Jessie L 0 likes

If she's wearing panties all day and night and knows that she's never getting diapers back there will be improvement. I cannot express how much I believe in this method. My daughter was getting up and peeing in the toilet at night while I slept in just one week.

Teri L 0 likes

Sadly I have done that too. Nothing has worked on this kid. Sometimes she will say uh oh and wants her undies changed and then other times she is content and when you ask if she is wet she says yes I pottied on the floor. Ugh! She can do it but she doesn't want too!

Kelly O 0 likes

My daughter had the same problem. She didn't mind being in dirty panties and it was very frustrating. Take her when you have to go. Even if she doesn't have her sit down till your done. Always celebrate and when she goes poop in her undies, take her to the toilet and show her where it goes. And be sure to celebrate it lol. It's a party every potty time! This worked well with my daughter and now she tells me when she has to go. Hope this helps!

Ashley H 0 likes

Right how I'm having to let mine run around naked. He's two. He had popped on the potty every day by himself. It's worth a try. Just don't give up. It gets better. We haven't mastered the undies yet but we will get there. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Teri L 0 likes

Ashley- I let her go no underwear pants today and she had two potty accidents, then she pooped in the potty and I didn't even have to tell her!

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