Need help. I'm looking for little things that no one thinks about but are needs for a baby shower gift. So far I have infant Tylenol, nose frida, oxy clean, and boogie wipes. Ideas? Remember little things.

Alexis O 1 like

Thermometer, teethers, wipe carrier

Salina A 1 like

Baby brag book that goes up to the first day of school

Bec J 1 like

Sanitizing steam bags

C B 1 like

The Baby Vicks.

Laney's M 1 like

What about baby proofing stuff like those outlet things and cabinet locks

Thai N 1 like

Colic water

Miranda R 1 like

Nail clippers, baby hair brush, diaper poop bags, socks, hair bows (if it's a girl), travel size diaper cream and baby lotion.

Mommy Of 3 A 0 likes

Shampoo, baby wash, hair brush, lotion, wipes, toothbrush?, baby oil, diaper rash cream(desitin) , onesies...

Jessica D 6 likes

Hangers. Never enough hangers.

Ashley H 5 likes

A lot of people don't think about feeding essentials when baby starts solids. Bowls, spoons etc.

Roslee D 1 like

Tub thermometer Toothbrush Baby qtips

Chelsea A 2 likes

Desitin, wipes, thermometer, burp cloths, bibs, vaseline, teethers, nail clippers/file, lotion, baby wash, soft bristle brush/comb, Q tips, bath toys, pacifiers

Danie M 2 likes

What about baby lullabye cd

Ali S 1 like

Best gift ever was baby oxyclean so you're awesome there! For small but expensive Snuza or the baby shusher. The book "happiest baby on the block" is great too!

Laura M 1 like

Nipple cream if breastfeeding. Socks and mittens are small but probably more common to get already. I got little plastic containers that you would put baby food in. They had little animal faces on the cover.

Alecia W 2 likes

Mylicon is a must!!!

Angie . 0 likes

Nail clippers we can never find ours ! Sanitizing steaming bags. Butt paste. I love the book on the night you were born. Soft wash clothes. Spoons. If it's a boy and being circumcised extra petroleum jelly/Vaseline and gauze ... Sippy cups. Baby soap and lotion

Danie M 1 like

Sanitizing wipes for the diaper bag, they're a life savor for me

Momma B 1 like

Baby Vicks

Erica H 1 like

Go to your nearest dollar store and Make a towel bundle of baby towels.

Hannah O 2 likes

Gas drops. I know this is hard to do but my church provided us dinner ever night for 2 weeks. That was so nice.

Roni M 2 likes

Socks. They always seem to disappear.

Ali S 2 likes

Grip water was a huge help too! Ok for the momma. This is going to sound crazy and she needs to be prepared to check her pride at the bathroom door. Last pregnancy I bought myself Depends by suggestion instead of those giant pads. Omg best decision ever! No more leaking at night on sheets. No more shifting submarine pad! Definitely recommend depends post delivery for the worst part of it!

Heather K 1 like

Gas drops and socks!!!!!

Tori W 1 like

Gas drops, tylenol, Maybe a bottle bag to hold bottles, washcloths, pacis, socks!!! Teething rings

Lori A 1 like

Hand sanitizer and all the other wonderful suggestions above!! 👍

Laura M 1 like

Going on what someone said above that is just for momma. Preparation H and tucks pads

Kathryn C 0 likes

What awesome ideas! Couple others: Baby on board sticker for car, momma hook for stroller.

Cortne S 0 likes

Clorox wipes

Angela K 1 like

Someone got me the gel breast pads, they were awesome! I also got these little blue bags that are like tiny plastic grocery bags to throw away diapers in when you're out. They're scented and I keep them in the diaper bag.

Amanda 1 like

A lingerie bag to put socks in when you wash and dry them. Baby Vicks.

Em A 0 likes

Great ideas! lol my husband told me to get her depends or huge pads also. And yes the gel pads for nipples are awesome. Thank you all. If you think of anything else shout it out.

Catherine R 0 likes

Gas drops, benadryl, binkies, teethers, Hamd sanitizer

Shawna L 0 likes

Also one of those baby hat things you put on them in the bath so you can rinse out their hair and water not get in their eyes. They sell them on buybuybaby I know lots that found them as life savers but no one thinks of them to buy

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