Need any and all help. My son just turned 9 months, I currently have 1100 bags of frozen breastmilk in 3 freezers. I have weaned myself to pumping once a day and decided Saturday night to stop. It has not even been 48 hours and you can bounce a quarter off my boobs, it hurts to breath and I have indentations in my skin from my bra!!!! HELP!! Any ideas I am so willing to try :(

Jordan C 2 likes

I've heard to apply cabbage leaves to the breast

Jessica F 0 likes

All day of just for a little while?

BoyMom 3 likes

Pump just enough to relieve engorgement then stop. It'll take a little while but your supply will stop :)

Ashley L 1 like

Warm showers will help with the pain, wear a sports bra (makes it so u don't produce any more), take Benadryl (at night so u don't fall asleep during the day lol) it dries u up. That's what I did after I quit with my daughter :) also warm towels on breasts help pain too

Jessica F 1 like

I tried that last week and I would leak through pads and padded bra and shirt!!! If I take my bra off they are going to start squirting everywhere!!!! Lol

MommyK â 1 like

Freeze cabbage leafs and put them in your bra. Use an old bra because it will pretty much ruin them.

TwinMama 0 likes

I did the tight sports bra thing and it helped...turned my boobs like square for a brief time but it helped lol. Eventually it went away. I'm afraid time is all that will take it away. Sorry mamma! 😔

Jessica F 1 like

I just took a Benadryl, I am sending my husband to the store right now. Thanks ladies.

Darrin A 12 likes

Most girls would kill to have that milk supply lol

Danie M 1 like

Put cold cabbage leaves in your bra and change them out when they wilt (doesn't take long) it helps with the pain plus it has enzymes that naturally dry you up

Aria's M 4 likes

Send your supply my way ! I wish I could produce that much extra 😩 I go back to work next month and I don't have that much saved up yet

Jessica F 4 likes

I got lucky. I have already donated 200 bags to our NICU so they can pasteurize it and send it out to other NICU's. These cabbage leafs can not freeze fast enough lol.

Jami S 1 like

Hang over the sink and just press on the sides. Just do it long enough to release the pressure. Eventually they will dry up.

Jenni V 1 like

Cabbage cold no hot stuff here unless you need it; it will cause you to leak and that will create more milk. sports bra cold even iced cabbage you can do this it is almost over! Take a breath vent here if you need to. Bye bye booby juice!!

J M 1 like

Cabbage leaves!!!!! Amazing!!! PS- awesome job!!

Mandy S 1 like

I wore a tight bra, hand expressed a little in the shower to relieve the pain, and drank sage tea like it was my job.

Bec J 3 likes

Holy shit!!! 1100 bags! That's amazing!!!!

Jessica F 3 likes

I was pumping almost 20ozs every 4 hours on top of nursing my son. My OB could not believe how much milk I was producing 24 hours after I had him.

Rebecca D 4 likes

Amazing job!!!! You deserve a freaking treat!!

Emily L 0 likes

Just express enough to alleviate some pain but not too much that It would produce more... I didn't stop cold turkey so mine wasn't painful but I know that helped sometimes when I got really full. And WOW I wish I could of pumped that much!!! Good for you

Jennifer G 2 likes

Man I'm so jealous of you haha

Garcia 6 likes

Your my idol!! Hahaha 1100 bags!!!?? I have 30. And i was proud of that. Until now! 😟 hahahaha i think ill go pump now!

Yessenia O 1 like

Omg I hope I have a supply like urs!!

J F 2 likes

I know it's a problem and pain for you, but I am so jealous! I could hardly produce anything and wish I had reserves to feed my baby more than anything.

Sway B 1 like

I did cabbage leaves and frozen bags because I got tired of changing the cabbage leaves when they got hot and is tight sports bra and three days it was done

Jessica F 0 likes

I thought I had a normal supply until I pumped at work one day and brought the milk out in my freezer bags and a co worker was shocked how much I pumped. Once he turned 3 months I exclusively pumped and gave him a bottle. As much as pumping sucks it's so worth it.

Ashley C 3 likes

I have 5 bottles in my freezer. 5. Five. FIVE. WTF. How did you do that?!? What are you eating/drinking? Or are you just a freak of nature?! SHOW ME YOUR WAYS.

J. D 0 likes

I'm with Ashley! I go back to work in 2 weeks and have 15 bags in my freezer. I'm exclusively pumping as well but I'm just barely making enough to feed him, much less store any away! Extra bummer for me, I can't take anything with fenugreek in it.

Jessica F 4 likes

I took fenugreek the first month, drank a crap load of water, ate every two hours and made sure I had protein, leafy veggies. I have celiac's so not sure if not eating gluten has anything to do with it and I stuck to a strict 4 hour schedule. Everywhere I went my pump was with me lol and was not afraid to ask someone where I could go and pump and there were plenty of times I pumped in the car.

Ashley C 1 like

Wow. That's just amazing. The celiac's bit is interesting, I'll have to do some research and see if gluten affects natural production! Thanks for sharing!

Sara A 1 like

Apply a hot wash cloth to your breast for a minute and then try to express little by little. This is what I had to do and it really helped.

K B 0 likes

Just wait it out. By the third day I was practically all better

Heather H 0 likes

1100 holy hell that's impressive. I pump at work 3 times a day and I'm lucky to get 5 oz. Awesome!!! I've heard mint tea or anything mint too will help dry up. Also I heard Benadryl too...

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