Need advice. My Motherinlaw is a control freak. I am now on bed rest due to my cervix thinning rapidly. I am 27week preg. And have a 9month old that is very clingy to me. Husband works all day and u really don't have anyone to come help me unless I ask my mother in law. Which I'm trying to avoid. What can I do to make watching my LO easier and still be able to stay in bed and/or couch?

Maile E 2 likes

If you can afford it maybe hiring a sitter/nanny to come in a few hours a day to help out. is a great resource.

Danie M 3 likes

One suggestion so you don't have to get up so much is getting a mini fridge and maybe a microwave to put next to the bed or couch and stocking it with food and drinks for you and your lo

immortelle 1 like

Do u have a pack n play or those circular gates with the alphabet mats? Maybe your 9 month old can play in there? Create a makeshift changing area too when you need to use it! Be careful being on bed rest...make sure you still move every once in a while or you might have issues later. Not a lot but still a little bit

Konica L 2 likes

You are 27 weeks and agree with me that you have a long way to deliver baby yet safely . Just stay positive and don't refuse help. It's like give and take right and something is better than nothing . You might actually feel better having at least someone besides you to help. Just welcome what you have and don't worry about what you haven't experienced yet. If anything just talk to hubby nicely and go with the flow . Take care and stay happy for better health

Monica S 2 likes

Get a bouncer, swing, jumparoo

Nicole D 1 like

If you have the funds go to and hire a nanny/babysitter to assist you with the things you are not able to do.

Tania T 2 likes

I understand the MIL situation one thig you can consider is getting a nany or flying a friend in to help you out for a bit. Don't refuse any help you can get but it's also very important to maintain your distance and boundaries I know that so sometimes outside help is best.

Rijvana P 1 like

Maybe get nany? U will be home so u can have someone come at your house for help. It maybe expensive though 😏

Ann 0 likes

I would talk to her. Let her know how you want and like things with no hard feelings.

Amy M 2 likes

Maybe you can get/ create a corral to confine your LO to a small space that is not their crib or pack n play.

Danie M 1 like

If your mil makes you stressed don't let her come help, my cousin was in your same situation and a family member made her upset and she had the baby at 25 weeks (baby survived) ask others for help, even if it's them doing something little, or contact a church, a lot of times they have older members that would be more than happy to help

Nikki 0 likes

I agree with Danielle. You need the stress. I did everything by myself with my newborn even though she's retired and down the street. She stresses me out and when she was around in the beginning I was loosing my milk. Ask a friend to call in sick and home help you. Or a babysitter to come and play with LO while you're home

Amanda G 0 likes

If she makes you that miserable then don't have her help. But, if you can stand her helping out here and there I would take her up on it. If there's something that bothers you then let her know nicely. You can always blame the preg hormones haha. She might be helpful once your Lo is born too!

Moira C 0 likes

Hire a nanny.

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