Need advice and help!! How do I confront and what do I say to a mom who is being a bully to my child?

Susan B 3 likes

There is no easy way to do it rather than face it. Try not to be confrontational because she may honestly not realize she is doing it, but you don't want to is instigate it further.

Kris H 0 likes

When you have high tension situations like this, it's always best to approach whoever as calmly as possible, they won't feel threatened that way.. And just communicate to them what your child has told you and work to resolve it. If that doesn't work I would go to the principal (if it happens to be at school) or someone in a position like it.

Tajana F 0 likes

OMG what a bad situation to be in, you need to keep in mind that she may not realize that she is coming across as a bully so try hard not to blame but use examples of what you see as bully behaviour & ask her why. If she gets defensive & cant openly talk about the way she has treated your child than its safe to assume she knows that the way she is behaving isn't right. That is when you no longer worry about blaming & just say what you need to say directly.

Evie 1 like

Eeeeekkk I am not very good with stuff like this. When it comes to my kids I am very over protective and I get crazy when people are rude. Good luck!!! Just try and get your point across to that person and make it clear that you are not ok with it.

Sarah S 2 likes

Another mom is a bully to your child? Now that's not ok, I'd be very straightforward and tell her to stop. Who cares if you make a scene? It's your child who comes first so I wouldn't care what that mom would think about me.

Mamma B 0 likes

I'm a blunt person I would tell her do not treat my daughter the way you are or you will not be around her.

BoyMom 0 likes

What is she doing??

Lou-Anne M 0 likes

Can you avoid this person? Or say something to your child in front of her like " have a good day baby and if anyone is mean to you I want you to tell mommy"... In other words let this person hear you mentioning it to your child so she hopefully gets the hint!

Perfectly M 0 likes

Let her know that it is unacceptable. You can actually file charges with police for harassment and bullying. Tell the child that it's totally not right and sometimes people in life are bad.

Dawn T 0 likes

PUNCH HER! No but I would feel that way towards someone that was bullying my children. I'd have to tell her something for sure

Brittany W 0 likes

Thank you ladies! I will try some of these suggestions and I hope for the best!

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