Nbr: can someone recommend A book I can read. Something that isn't Boring.. I haven't Picked up an adult Book to read since I had kids lol ..

MommyJ 1 like

Self compassion By Kristin Neff is what I'm Reading now. It's So good !

Ashley H 2 likes

What kind of genre are you interested in?

Mommy Of 2 M 1 like

Ashley H Romance or mysteries I don’t know something that will make me not want to put the book down. Lol

Ashley H 2 likes

Nicholas sparks booksare Easy reads and they keep your interest ! Never read one that I didn’t like

Elli B 2 likes

I just read Chasing Butterflies by Denise Hunter and it was good!

Mommy Of 2 M 1 like

Thanks ladies Elli B Ashley H

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