Nbr. Anyone work odd jobs such as babysitting or house cleaning for cash under the table but now can't Because Of COVID? There's No unemployment Benefits For that because Obviously Its unreported. I wouldn't Want to report such small earnings but is there some special Loophole? I'm A SAHM but that isn't A “job” listed as one that qualifies for unemployment.

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What about if you file for pua? That's Benefits for people who work side jobs and under the table. I'm In the process of waiting for unemployment because I can’t work. I don't Have a sitter due to covid. This sucks!

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Abby asks this may sound selfish but i’m really irritated that my obgyn is only seeing me every 8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks like usual before this covid happened. i totally understand why but it gives me more anxiety then i already have not being able to hear the heartbeat every 4 weeks. i’m already 16 weeks and have a virtual appointment this friday but just dissapointed i dont get to hear heartbeat 😞😞😞 ive only seen/heard the baby one time this whole pregnancy 😩☹️

Boymom asks Hi moms! I know I've seen a post before about nap mats. My son will be starting kindergarten. What is the best napmat? I remember Some moms talking about a specific brand but I can't remember What it was. Thanks! 😀

Heather H asks Any moms with Type One Diabetic children? What are your plans for the upcoming school year? Our county has proposed a plan where there will be a rotation of students in the classroom for 1 week then at home doing online school for 2 weeks. Or there is an option for a full semester of online academy. We can't Seem to make a decision on what's best.

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