Suggestions for baby food brands, prefer organic/natural (we are not doing home-made) Thank you!

Leah M 0 likes

Beachnut is awesome!

Liz B 3 likes

Earths best organic. That's what I use and my girl loves it.

Aarooa 1 like

Earths best organic

Xtina P 2 likes

Beech nut

JVP 1 like

I avoid anything gerber, all I remember is something bad about them but don't remember what it was!

Amanda K 1 like

I don't go by brand. I try and get really diverse foods, lots of mixtures and new things for them to try. But I love the ones that have a twist cap! Super convenient!!

L M 0 likes

Jessica- oh no! What's wrong with gerber? I just bought and filled up my cupboard with all gerber brand baby foods. TIA :)

Adesa M 1 like

My daughter loved beach nut 100% natural. They are the cute jars

Amy K 0 likes

I love all those pouches with pure organic fruit. There are lots of brands, mango has been the biggest hit!

Julia : 0 likes

I've been doing gerber. I had trouble finding many stage one foods in the other brands. I haven't heard anything bad about them and my daughter loves it!

Alicia B 0 likes

I wouldn't use any of the pouches with twist cap unless 1 side is clear! I've had a lot of friends report there was mild in the pouches and they weren't expired

C M 0 likes

I've never heard anything wrong w Gerber. I go for diversity not necessarily brand. With oatmeal, Earth's Best Organic was the only one BOTH of my kids would eat and I tried several brands.

Jessica B 0 likes

Beech nut all the way! It's organic! I read so much stuff about Gerber when I was pregnant I refuse to use it! Even the formula which is the only formula WIC where I live pays for. My daughter loves beech nut. The only Gerber product we have is Puffs. But that's it.

Linsi M 1 like

Beechnut, Plum, Earth's Best, Sprout, Happy Baby. We pretty much tried them all (I liked to give my girls a variety of flavors!) The only ones my girls really didn't like we're the Ella's Kitchen (both my hubby & I tried it too & they were disgusting, so I don't blame them!)

JVP 0 likes

I really don't remember. I think at one point they had high levels of lead in their food or something. I just remember it was something that threw me off and to this day with my second I won't get it. I mean I was given gerber as a baby and I'm fine. but with its super high demand it is no longer the same quality as it use to be.

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