my twins are so congested from nose n and now my 3 month baby is sick as well 😞 he is so congested i feel so bad he chokes on his sleep i dont know what else to do to get his nose to feel better help pls

ProudMommy w 0 likes

he is super fussy crying a lot like something is hurting him should i take them 3 to Dr?? what are signs of ear infeccion on 3 month baby?? im just worry he could have one

BoyMom 0 likes

Do you have a nose Frida? They are amazing! Put a few drops of saline in there, let it sit for a minute or so, then suck it all out

Kimberly G 0 likes

Do you have any saline drops? Maybe try those and see if that helps the congestions. I have the Little Remedies brand and they help my little guy!

Krista M 0 likes

If he's pulling at his ears or they could be really red towards the inside. Baby Vicks on the bottom of their feet with socks on and get a nosefrida snot sucker to clear the noses. Check tempuratures to see where they are all at. Good luck Momma sick babies are never fun :(

Shelby 9 0 likes

What about saline solution drops ?

Jodie M 0 likes

You could try to give him infant Tylenol to make him more comfortable as well. If his ears are bothering him the Tylenol may help with pain. Someone else mentioned Vicks to the bottom of the feet might help as well.

Tia W 1 like

Nose Frida works miracles along with saline spray, Vicks, boogie wipes and a humidifier. Alternating between ibprofen and Tylenol will help as well.

Tiffany K 0 likes

Also you can turn the shower on very hot close the doors and the steam will loosen the mucus .....

Jalissa P 0 likes

Johnson and Johnson Vicks Vapor Bath wash. Take him in the bathroom and run him a bath, add the Bath wash and let him soak in it for a while. Once he's out take some baby's Vicks Vapor Rub and rub it all over his chest, back and feet. Dab. Little on and under his nose. Also use a humidifier in his room next to his crib use the Vicks inserts or the liquid, sit it next to (but not too close) to the head of his bed so he can inhale in all night long, and I promise you'll see a difference by morning

Kristin . 0 likes

Maybe let him sleep in his swing so he is upright. Use a humidifier and put baby Vicks on his back and bottoms of his feet then put socks on his feet. Has worked every time for me! I hope your baby (and u) feel better soon.

Kristin . 0 likes

Do not put Vicks under your babies nose. If he rubs his nose then eyes he will be very very uspet

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