My sweetie is six months and cut her first tooth and is having a rough time.... Any natural teething ideas??? We use carrots for her to kinda chew on.. A cold teething ring and baby orajel..

Pamela H 1 like

Frozen bananas and frozen spoons.

Isabella M 1 like

Vanilla!! My daughter is 7 months and has 5 teeth. Trust me, teething is not fun.

Sara S 0 likes

Try a frozen yogurt Popsicle. The cold will feel good, and they taste good too.

Liz J 1 like

Get the mesh food teethers and fill with fruit, then put in great during day. Frozen washcloths can help too. I've seen people post about using essential oils but never tried. Pediatricians recommend infant Tylenol every 4 hours or infant Motrin every 6/8 hours. Dosage depends on LO weight. Good luck I'm dealing with it too.

Carrie W 1 like

Highland teething tablets :)

Samantha P 1 like

DONT USE ORAJEL! if the child swallows can make their throat numb and cause them to choke. Every pharmacist and de has told me that and I studied it in nursing school. I use infants ibuprofen and freeze teethers

Jennah D 0 likes

I have used the tablets though and then there has been talk about seizures... So I stopped I did not know that about orajel though!!

Isabella M 0 likes

The recall was in 2010 for the teething tablet. They're fine now :)

Jennah D 0 likes

Thanks girls!!

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