My Sweet LO is 8 days old. Struggling to breastfeed and not producing enough milk my baby lost a whole pound before leaving the hospital. Even after milk came in nursing was a struggle. So i decided enough was enough and have now switched her to formula. I cant seem to let go of the guilt. I wanted so badly to BF. How do i get past this? She is my last baby. Breastfeeding was one of the reasons I decided to be a stay at home mommy.

Katie D 1 like

You are doing the best you can and attempting to breastfeed is more then a lot of people do. Keep in mind when you breastfed for those 8 days your baby was getting the most nutrients in the colostrum.

Laura W 4 likes

At 8 days your supply may not even be fully in. It can up to 10-14 days for supply to be fully in. At 8 days old your little ones tummy is no bigger then a cherry and there fore they will want to eat on average ever 1-2 gourmets sometime sooner then that. Just keep putting baby to great and in sure your supply will come in stronger. Its a supply and demand thing it's takes your boobs a bit to catch up. Drink lots of water.

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Every 1-2 hours* stupid auto guess/ correct

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If you are stress you are less likely to produce milk... Try relaxing and drink plenty fluid.

Maitri M 1 like

You just gave birth and in today's society BFing does not come so naturally. If you want help, contact La Leche &/or a lactation consultant, get LO checked for tongue/lip tie, know it gets better. Whatever you do, know that there are moms who support you either way. Hugs mama!

Leslie C 0 likes

I wouldn't get discouraged yet. At 8 days, you're still establishing a supply. However, even if you can't breast feed, just know that you're doing the best for your baby either way. As long as they are fed and happy, you're doing great!

Lauren G 0 likes

I have to do both - Keep in mind... It can take up to FOUR WEEKS OR MORE for milk to properly come in. Treatments: take Fennnel Greek or even better is mallungay (aka moringa). Or get a prescription of reglan from your ob. (I start mine next week to try to up my milk) I don't make enough for my twins so I pump, split it between them, and top them up with formula. This way they get the antibodies from my milk. I only make about 2 &1/2 oz. Every three hours but it's better than nothing. :-)

Ingrid R 2 likes

Lori! You don't have to give up! You can pump and still get there. Start pumping with hot towels in your breasts every 2 hours and each time massage until all milk is emptied. Give your baby formula and you can still get your supply up! Find some support in your community or with a mom friend or even here. Don't give up its so worth it!!! I am rooting for you it's not too late at all : )

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It's normal for them to lose up to a pound after birth. The important thing is that they gain it back. I agree with Laura^^, your milk might not have come in completely yet. There's no shame in switching to formula if you can't deal with the struggle, but you might want to give it a bit longer if you really want to BF.

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That's what happened with my son. I cried and cried for 2 days before finally giving in. Think of it this way, any bfing is better than none at all! Don't feel guilty. You're doing the best you can.

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Like the other girls say, you may still have time. I had to go back to class 2 weeks pp, so I really needed a stable routine for my son to be away from me.

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Just keep trying. I had a super hard time getting my 3 weeks old son to latch. I always gave up and just have him formula. But I kept trying and it has gotten so much easier. I've tried pumping and can't even get an ounce out. I started swaddling him so he can't use his hands to push away from me, I put a pillow on my lap so he's breast level, I pinch my nipples before feeding to firm them up and point my nipple to the roof of his mouth. Made all the difference in the world

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You could try a lactation specialist. I saw one a few days after my son was born and she was a huge help. If say try again with the help if a specialist. And Don't feel guilty about giving formula you're doingwhat you feel is best.

Jessica A 0 likes

Don't feel guilty, it is one of the hardest things in the world to do. Especially when you know they will suck down a bottle of formula so easily. I ended up exclusively pumping since my son wouldn't latch. That is tough too but I would pump every time he woke me up to be fed. I was able to do this for over 4 months and then my supply dried up when I went back to work. Keep trying but remember there are other ways to give them your milk! Good luck!

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Don't stress about it and don't let anyone make you feel bad. Even if you didn't try to bf plenty of us and others are formula fed babies and are just fine! I wanted to bf as well and couldn't after extensively trying and working with docs. I felt the same guilt and sadness and was made feel even worse by friends who it came easy to or produced enough milk. When I finally let go and quit worrying about it and concentrating on my Baby it was such a relief. He's now 5 months and perfect health!

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I would keep trying to put baby to the breast as often as he wants it and then supplement with formula until your milk is fully in. I did that and it only took about two weeks. Good luck and keep up the good work momma!!

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I am surprised at the # of people telling you to keep trying. I tortured myself and my LO for 6 weeks-went to lactation consultants and doctors, called hotlines, pumped until I was raw, took countless supplements ... I couldn't BF. Period. I finally gave in to FF'ing and it was a huge relief! I am so thankful high quality formula is accessible. Just as it is not ok to shame a woman for BF'ing in public, it is not ok for anyone to make you feel ashamed to FF. Do what works for you!

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