My step daughter is visiting for a month she is 8. My oldest is 3 and my little one is 1. My step daughter has been a complete bully and saying "I accidentally kicked him (pushed him" etc. my husband is not backing me up and thinks his daughter is a perfect little angel! Advice please my kids are getting hurt a lot because of her

Ally 3 likes

Record her doing it then show it to your hubby lol. That's awful! She should know better at 8 yo. I know kids will be kids but that's a big age difference & is bullying.

Tiff C 0 likes

All I can say is good luck! I'm a step mom too... I understand what your going through.

Angies m 4 likes

it also depends with what mentality she is coming from her moms , you dont know what the mom been saying to her

NYC M 3 likes

Set up a nanny cam in your house prove it to your hubby, she should be protecting them & not hurting them (((

KDx2 M 1 like

After you do all of the above Send her back to her mothers house!

Kaelea R 1 like

Her mom could be telling her to do this. I have a 6 year old nephew and he does this to my 3 year old (6 year old is my step but I don't see him that way) he would try and get his brother to run in the road and would push him down and tell him he likes his other brother more than him and that he hates him. This is all to my 3 year old nephew. Talk to you hubby and tell him if it does not stop when she is over you and you babies will go somewhere else for how ever long she is there.

Kaelea R 1 like

You have to keep your babies safe.

Texasmom F 2 likes

Take matters into your own hands. After all when she is at your house you are her mom. When my step daughter is mean to my newborn her hand gets slapped. She has been shown and told enough times how to be gentle with my LO. You have to treat her like you would the rest of your children. No favorites!!

Texasmom F 2 likes

She needs to know that there are rules and behaviors that are not acceptable at daddy's house. You DH should be backing you up. She's 8 and knows better. But I'd also make sure she is getting attention too. Most kids act out in jealousy which is normal. I understand what your going through hang in there. Being a mom is hard enough being a step mom is a whole notha set of nerves. You can do it. Stay strong and consistent

Felisha L 3 likes

Sounds like she is having a hard time still dealing with you being with her dad. I know as a child I held many grudges against my parents spouses. Try talking with her and understand what she is thinking. She just might need someone to listen to her about her feelings because there's a reason why she is taking her aggression out on your kids :(

Mommy Of Two Guys 0 likes

Make a video and show his dad

Megan A 0 likes

Sounds like she is jealous! I have a friend (who has custody of her baby sister) she's 8 as well and she is very jealous of any kids around my friend. She pushed my LO (16 months) down and he fell face first on to my hard wood floors resulting in his nose bleeding everywhere. You can bet I addressed it really quick friend or no friend no one is going to be doing that to my LO. So like they said once u have the proof make your hubby address the situation asap with her and her mother (to make

Megan A 0 likes

sure she explains to her as well) that her siblings are younger than her, so she needs to be careful.. ( Yes accidents happen occasionally but not all the time) so that way your babies stay safe as well! Hope things get better!

Michele B 3 likes

I don't think filming her will help your cause: she'll only mistrust you. I agree with Felisha: it sounds like her behavior is her way of dealing w/some emotions. Talk to her about it and help her find her role in your family. Tell her you expect her to be a great big sister & help keep everyone safe & happy & ask her what will make her month visit with you guys awesome. As someone who always felt awkward & out of place around my step family growing up, that would have meant everything to me 💜

Courtney 0 likes

Smack her upside the head ! I couldnt do that bs lol Your not about to sit here and hurt my child because your mad you have to visit and your not at home with your mommy , im the mom while your ober here and you will act appropriately , 8 year olds are very smart and very aware of what they are doing Record her and show your man & if he doesnt do something then you need to , protect your children by all means

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