My son's first birthday party is next week. I was going to do it at a local park but it's going to be 94 degrees outside. Any indoor ideas? My house and immediate family's houses are all not options. I only have $50 to spend and don't know what to do. Help!

Tracy R 1 like

I live in Texas and had my sons 1st birthday party outside and it was in the 90s

Nicole M 0 likes

I just don't want the guests, myself included, to be uncomfortable. I'm not even sure what to serve for food. I really hate party planning but no one is stepping up to help me

Chrysta P 1 like

How about a swimming party? Usually pretty inexpensive.

Nicole M 0 likes

I wish I could. We don't know anyone with a pool. It's mostly for adults though, only 1 kid coming

Jess V 0 likes

I would say don't worry if it outdoors just I would just make sure there is shade. First b day parties are a lot of work and I know u want it to be special but as long as your little one is comfortable then do what u got to do!

Logan's M 2 likes

First birthdays can be stressful, as they tend to be more for the adults than the kids. Out of all the first birthdays we've attended, the simple ones have been the best. I'd recommend you keep it under two hours, schedule it after nap-time to avoid a meltdown and include things that bring your baby joy. If you're consumed by catering to the guests, you'll be overwhelmed and miss out on celebrating the special day with your baby.

Logan's M 1 like

I should add, my husband and I agreed to hold off on big or fanciful birthday parties—and the stress of party planning—until our son is old enough to decide what he'd like to do and who he'd like to invite. It's become somewhat of a tradition in our household. We go on a fun family vacation instead, which allows us to celebrate together stress-free and makes for special memories and mementos. A few of our friends have adapted this tradition, as well, after high-stress birthday parties.

Kirbie D 1 like

We did a pool party do you have a swimming pool nearby? They usually give great discounts for kids birthdays! It was low key and tons of fun

Maria P 1 like

For my sons 1st bday all i did was bake him a Mickey Mouse cake and let him go at it. I made a separate cake for adults. Easy and simple; they won't remember any of it but you could record it to keep the memory.

Nicole M 0 likes

There is a public one in the next city over. I'm thinking of maybe just hosting the party in the early evening when it might cool down some

Maranda L 2 likes

What about a local mall? You could decorate a few tables in the food court. Bring in food. Our local mall has a train that the kids can ride and then there is always the toy store. Your little one could pick out a toy for themselves. Being a party planner if you want to keep it easy make sure everything is disposable so you can toss it in the trash. Plan it after lunch & just serve cake. Whatever you do plan it for you & your little one. Hand off the camera & spend time with the guest of honor

Natalie M 1 like

Any firehouses have a hall? That's what we do. And for food stick with the basics sloppy joes, salads, hotdogs, and some fruit and cake. Keep it simple!! Good luck!

Bre H 1 like

Since it outside do a fun ice cream or slush bar. Making ice cream from pudding mix is a cheap alternative as well as making slushies that way everyone is cool in the weather. As far as entertainment set up some pools for the kids. I made cool bags for my guest with a towel that I bought on clearance and Ziploc bags add water to the bag along with a towel square. Flatten and freeze yo keep cool all party long place them in a cooler with ice quick item to grab and people can take with them.

Lindsey V 1 like

If you or a family member goes to a church they usually have a room or hall you can use for free. My friend just did that.

Crystal H 1 like

If there's any shade it should be fine. Granted I don't live in that heat and my LO's bday today was indoors at my house, but if I had to do it outside in those conditions I would just make sure there was shade for people and go from there. It can be cheap by offering budget foods like drinks, hotdogs, veggies and the cake. Perhaps a potluck style bday? Thankfully my mom helped a lot so I could spend time with my LO. They probs won't remember it but make sure you don't miss out on the memories

Krishna H 1 like

I honestly wouldn't even stress too much about it. He won't remember it anyways. My sons bday was in June &' last year I rented a inflatable water slide cause it was in the 90s but my son slept through most the party lol. This year we went to the local water park (everyone paid their own way) so everyone could have fun &' went to my parents to eat quickly. Look into "Splash pads" those are free.

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