My sons diapers are not fitting him anymore and he is at the highest level size (6) and I wanna start potty training but my pediatrician told me its to soon, to start at 2 1/2 years old and to do pull-ups. Not sure if I agreed with her 100% lol. Any other moms start younger then 2 years old with potty training and succeeded? If so TIPS please!

Danie M 2 likes

Not too soon, I had my son potty trained from day 1 at 15 months.. I kept him in underwear.. I bought a little potty, showed him 3 ways he could use it and let him pick.. He took to it immediately.. I know not all kids do but it is possible to train them young, he never showed signs of being ready either

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 1 like

6 is the largest size?! Oh nooo!! I will soon be in your predicament!!


I would not do pull ups. To them pull ups are just like diapers. I had a cousin potty train at 10 months old, it's never too early especially if they're showing interest. I did the just underwear and my DD was potty trained in less than a week.

Leslie 1 like

Oh okay, thanks ladies. Well I guess we will start potting training! We just switched him to a toddler bed and now potty training. Ahh I can't take how fast these little ones grow!

Jaimee H 0 likes

I heard at 18 months they can "control" it.

Sabrina S 0 likes

Not too soon! I didn't use pull ups though. I went straight to underwear and it was a lot easier.

Tess V 1 like

Definitely not too soon, some kids are potty trained before then. Look for signs he may be ready (knows when needing to be changed, hiding to go to the bathroom, eager to sit on the toilet, etc).

Leslie 0 likes

He does go hide in the corner to go pee or poop lol. And he will even point to his private area and say "pee pee" lol. So I'm assuming he's starting to know when it's time to go and has gone.

Sami 0 likes

Pediatricians like to think all babies are the same. They aren't potty train when ever you feel like it's right. I start when she's old enough to walk and understands what the bathroom is for.

Daniela G 0 likes

My daughter was in size 7 diapers before she was potty trained. Pampers makes them and I believe huggies. My daughter was not ready until 2 1/2. But I say never to young to try!

Jessica G 0 likes

The age of two is perfect to start. My daughters almost 2 1/2 and I've tried on and off but her only problem is she's scared of her little potty

Baby M 0 likes

2 is the best time to start and pull ups are very helpful

Candace M 0 likes

My grandmother had my mom potty trained at 8 months and my uncle at a year old. She potty trained be at around 1 1/2. Idk how she did it but she pulled it off lol and she was a single mother!

Kassandra B 0 likes

I started my first son at 3, it took 3 days and he was fully trained. My SIL, she started her daughter at almost 2, and she still has problems, for the longest time she had a nasty rash on her butt, for having accidents. And she's going to school this year, and when she's here she still wets the bed. It's different for ever kid, my niece wasn't ready by a long shot and they did it anyways.

Crystal H 0 likes

Potty trained by 2yo!

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