My son will poop in the potty when he's got underware or a pull-up on but will not pee in the potty unless he's completely naked!any advise on how to get him to pee in the potty also?

Mayling M 1 like

Try using the pull ups (cool alert), good luck, and don't push him to much, or otherwise he'll get frustrated

Brittany C 0 likes

I have the same problem with my son and I just started telling him and show him that only the front needs to be out and that he doesn't need to take his cloths off completely. It has helped so far!

Natasha B 3 likes

Put Cheerios in the potty and tell em it's a game to see if he can hit them my 4 year old son loved that game then after he wins give him a treat for winning!!

Angie C 0 likes

I've tried those regular pull-ups his favorite underware (dinosaurs) but he just won't do it unless he's got nothing on his butt.i guess it's better than peeing in the potty and not pooping but I'm getting frustrated lol. He's so close but just refuses to do it!

Erica M 0 likes

I used a reward system. Every time my son used the potty he would get a sticker to put on a chart. After three stickers he would get to choose from a treasure chest of small toys. He then had to earn 4 stickers then 5 and so on. It worked really well!

Lauren @ 1 like

I was gonna suggest Cheerios, too! :)

Natasha B 0 likes

Even gold fish!

Natasha B 0 likes

Ooorrrr try taking him outside n letting him try peeing on a tree!!

Angie C 0 likes

I'm going to try the Cheerios thing I think he'd like it!also I was thinking of doing balloons for every time he pees he loves blowing up balloons lol

Becky K 0 likes

Reward chart. Collect stickers for each pee in the potty to earn a special reward. We let the kids pick their rewards and wrote them on the chart.

Gina P 0 likes

My oldest wanted to be like his papa. So we took him to buy the same kind of under wear and sure enough he was potty trained after that. I had tried everything with him.

Kristine F 0 likes

I would let him be naked for now until he gets the hang of it, then start leaving clothes on

Cassandra C 0 likes

Keep him naked for a few hours

Angie C 0 likes

I keep him naked all day lol unless we hae to go some ware

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