My son wants the same hair cut

Andrea C 1 like

my son hair

Hope W 5 likes

Wow. I was not expecting all the hair lol. I couldn't dI that, to drastic 🙂 I would cry

Jessica D 1 like

I wouldn’t let my boys shave their heads bald. A little hair looks a lot better.

Mama C 1 like

Wow such nice hair! Are you going to get it cut then?

Kylie&Conner's mommy. 2 likes

Wow his hair is so long and healthy looking! I wouldn't shave it all off if he wants it short maybe show him some pictures of other hair cuts for little boys

Mommy And M 1 like

Donate it to Locks of Love for kids who can't grow hair due to illnesses. My son sweats so bad he couldn't do long hair. Even when we grow it out a little he gets so hot. I wouldn't shave it all. Maybe go with something like this.

Yessenia O 3 likes

I would cut it, but not bald

Andrea C 0 likes

Im never going to cut it he will have to wait untill he get older to cut it but my son been wanting his hair like that for like almost A year now

Andrea C 0 likes

I showed him different hair Sytles and he don't like them only bald

girlmom x 1 like

If he wants it that short then I would have it shaved on a low setting but not all of it. I would also donate to locks of love. Maybe explain that to him.

girlmom x 0 likes

Andrea Contreras how old is he?

Andrea C 0 likes

He is 6 year old

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