My son wakes up every 2 and half hours and night I can't get him to sleep through the night help !!! So sleep deprived ! He will be 3 months and I have tried to give him formula for the last feeding to help him sleep longer but no :/

Mammaof2 < 0 likes

Ok... Totally normal. Be patient. My lo was the same. She would drink small amounts , often. It gets better. Try increasing formula during the day.

cynthia M 0 likes

Does he sleep a lot during the day?

Dana W 0 likes

Have you tried putting a little cereal in his bottle at night?

Carissa W 0 likes

Formula may not necessarily do it. Is he normally breastfed? If so I found that my LO did better if I started his bedtime routine earlier (bath, lotion rub, book, nursing) so he wouldn't be as tired when he started eating and would eat more before falling asleep and that kept him down longer. He slept through the night starting at 6 weeks.

Kathy I 0 likes

It helped when I took my son to baby singing and story time at the library. All the social interaction made him so sleepy he only woke up once the first time we went.

Kim E 0 likes

Formula could be making him gassy too. Is he swaddled? We use the white noise machine with projector

Nancy V 0 likes

Swaddling makes a ton of difference!!

Ashley L 4 likes

Sorry sweetie. At 3 months it's normal for him to wake up at night. My only recommendation is to try to increase how much he eats during the day and to try cluster feedings in the evening before bedtime. My almost 6 month old still wakes up 2-3 times a night. 😝 I'm just not one of those lucky moms.

Jen F 0 likes

I agree with Ashley! Mine didn't start sleeping through the night till he was 2 years old -_-

Happy M 0 likes

Just FYI on the theory of food o formula helping with sleep -

Dipa G 0 likes

Thank u everyone ! I'm breastfeeding someone told me he might not be eating enough during the day so I'm going to start pumping and bottling to see how much he takes I do have a bedtime routine I give him a massage and bathe .he was waking up once a night like couple of weeks ago then that only lasted a few days haha then it was back to waking up several times a night

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