My son is very attached to me! If anyone carries him he'll cry until it's me holding him. Sometimes I literally have to hide just to be able to have a moment to myself LOL. Does anyone experience this? My son is 8 months old & I exclusively breastfeed. I also cosleep & cobathe. Also a stay at home mom. Im not complaining I just can't believe it sometimes how much he's addicted to me. I believe in attachment parenting. Just wondering how long this last.

Brookley G 1 like

You're doing great momma!! I would love to be home with my daughter all the time!! If anybody judges you, tell them to pack sand! You're right in that age of separation anxiety but should start coming out of it around 12 months or so.

Mari H 1 like

My son is the same. You're doing awesome mom! 😌

MAMA B 3 likes

Until you try and stop it I did the same thing and my dd is 5 it was really hard to get her to go to school! She would cry an cry the shool would call me and I would have to go calm her down!! You should try and start with going out for an hour here and there or find a parenting class that helps I wish you all the best momma

Elizabeth A 2 likes

I'm in the same boat. My son wants me all the time.. I go to school it's so hard I leave him with three people I know and he crys and them he is fine but as soon I walk on he is attach to me. He is in the bathroom with me he takes naps with me he plays with me etc. it's blessing but also your thinking just give me 5 mins please lol.

Julia J 2 likes

I supplement with formula but I'm there with you, it gets better, I have a 8 month old boy and a 10 year old girl. I believe once they gain independence like some walking, talking then they will ease off of us and need us once in a while for reassurance since a lot of exploring is going on. Hang in there, same goes for the other mommas with a kid attached like a binky clip ;-)

Stacy 1 like

He Wuvs his mommy!!!!

Alisha C 1 like

Maybe try to get him around other kids and adults... Not a daycare necessarily but maybe a church nursery or moms day out program. If it's hard at first, stay with him as a worker and transition out.

Alison M 1 like

I found play groups helped...both of us 😉 and a lot is just growing out of it. When he started walking that also gave me a little freedom (but we still have plenty of mommy moments)

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