My son is only 2 months old but he got all these great kid's books for Christmas and I cannot wait to start reading them to him! When did you start reading to your babies before bedtime? When did they start interacting and really enjoying/looking forward to reading time?

Marina's M 1 like

My LO is 3 weeks old and I read to her. She stays still for about 10 minutes. I use it for bonding since I'm not a big talker. I think she just likes hearing my voice.

Diane A 2 likes

Since day one!! Never too early! My LO started looking forward to it at 3 months

Samantha W 1 like

Never to early

Kaylees M 2 likes

Yeah. I agree with Diane A. I read to my DD since she was born. She started really looking at the pics around 3 months and laughs and squeals when I read to her. Now she is almost 6 months and tries to eat the books lol. But yes. Its never too early

Ashley B 1 like

Since day one!! My daughters 16 months old and will "read" with me and finishes the sentences before I do. She's been interactive as far as pointing to things in the book since about 6months or so. She brings me a book and says "book" when she's ready to read. So I'd say for sure start now.

Jannelle D 0 likes

I read to my kids every night n my two year old loves it soooo much. My one year old just sits in her crib and listens but the next day the oldest will read (what she can remember) back to me it's so cute.

Sarai F 0 likes

Even when i was pregnant i was reading to my baby... Never is too early!

Allison H 0 likes

I've read since we got home! The bed time feed is when I do it. He didn't really care until about four months. But they love hearing you talk regardless and it is said to help IQ

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

Started day one! She's 10 mo now and SO into books. She requests books by pulling them off the shelf and manhandling them towards me. Never too early for language development! At just a few months she started really looking at the pictures.

InOver M 0 likes

I don't always read to them due to time/availability but I try to read to them once or twice a week. You can actually start reading to baby in the womb. They love to hear Mommy's voice and the rhythm of the words are soothing to baby!

April F 0 likes

I read to my lo since four weeks I went back to work when he was six weeks old so I use story time before bed as a bonding thing for us to do since I don't get to spend that much time with him during the week

Britney P 0 likes

My daughter is 3 I read to her since the day she was born it's a great way to teach your kids and get them into reading she still loves books! Never to early or to late in my opinion

Ferah H 1 like

I'd start reading now. They don't really understand it but they'll like hearing you talk and looking at the pictures plus nice quiet time

Ashley L 0 likes

I'm in the process of developing my LO's nightly routine and it will definitely be included. I read to him a few times a week right now. He's 3 months. His favorite thing is when I sing the ABC's to him.

Jen M 0 likes

Read to them ASAP! My little guy LOVES book at 16mo he will pull everyone off the shelf and "read" to himself. as soon as he started holding on to objects the bath books were always in his Hands! And mouth lol

Ashlee 0 likes

Never to early :)

Ashleigh B 0 likes

It's never too early. My daughter was in the NICU and I started reading to her at 2 weeks. She loves books and is also in the Dolly Parton imagination Library program (look it up) and gets a free book every month until she is 5. Ask if she has one every time I get the mail lol

Nikki 0 likes

I read some books. But mostly flip pages and label things. Did it from a few weeks old. Sometimes he's into them other times he just wants to eat them lol 🙈

Jessica F 0 likes

We read everyday, since day 1! Anytime he goes to sleep we curl up in his rocking chair and read a couple books!

Sarah L 1 like

Start now! It's never to early.

Sadie L 0 likes

Read to them now! I've been reading to my now nine month old since she was born. Everyday morning and evening. She now picks a book of her shelf and carries it with her to the rocking chair to read it with Me!

D D 0 likes

We read to my son every night before bed time. And we started at the age of 1 week. He now is 16 months, and he loves to have books read to him. He takes one out everyday before nap time too. Start now, and your little one will love it soon. :-)

Jonica R 0 likes

I started when he was born. It's a good idea to read to them before six months so they become use to it. When they start moving more around 8 months to a year they won't be as interested in sitting still to look at books if they can crawl or walk. The earlier you start reading to them the more they want to sit still and bond with you quietly reading. At first it doesn't matter what you read to them it can be something you're reading for your self such as a magazine.

Jonica R 0 likes

Later is the time you wanna introduce age appropriate books!

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