My son is almost 9 months and I only lost 30 lb since I gave birth it's so hard I gain a lot of weight when I was prego (65lb) so I would love to loose at lease another 20 but it's so hard I don't feel motivated I'm stock on 170 don't want to go dawn I tried eating better and exercises but I give up after couple of days :-( any tips you ladies have ?

MAMA B 1 like

Listen do you walk with baby??? Start doing your exercises while baby is in stroller I go to stroller boot camp but you honestly can do it at home!! Speed walk with your LO! Also do squats while your walking, or stretches if ou incorporate it in your day it won't feel like it something extra you have to do plus your LO will love all the walks good luck

Margret P 1 like

Yes I walk with him everyday but that don't help :-(

Jennifer D 1 like

Stay motivated! I gained 55 pounds and really wanted to lose the weight! I sat a goal and a reasonable timeline(within a year) and I accomplished it! It's all about baby steps, it took you 9 months to gain the weight so it will take about that much time to lose it. Don't buy food that will cause you to keep the weight on! Stock your house with lean protein, whole wheat bread, greens, tomatoes & healthy snacks like frozen yogurt. You can do it, if you put your mind to it!

Alison M 1 like

Do exercises with your baby! They think you're playing! Put him on your shins, tummy down while holding his hands and stretch out and bring your knees back to your chest! Tell him he's superman and he's flying! Making exercise fun makes it easier! And doing it with your baby gives you the time. Lift them into the air ten times, do curl ups while they're in your arms and give them a hug/squeeze them every time you come in and tell them something nice! Make it fit into your play time routine.

Casey B 1 like This is a video on some exercises you can do with your baby!

Margret P 0 likes

I'm going to try my hardest but it's going to be hard I want to bc I'm tired of looking fat and depressed :-(

Cathy R 1 like

Vegan diet but with some fish like salmon. No sugars, no white carbs and no soda not once ever. Fast pace walk a mile a day untill you see the changes and then keep up four days a week. You can do it!!

Margret P 1 like

Omg thank you ladies I can do this !!!!!!! O and I don't drink soda ever I don't like it just water !!!!! I keep you post it I started today I exercise this morning and now I'm going to do the exercise with my Lo will se how I do !!!!

Maira B 1 like

I enrolled weight watchers, and near my house there is one day that I can take my baby. There are many moms there with the same problem. It's been less then 8 weeks and I lost 14lb!! Eating better and exercising, and best thing: getting support, they make me don't give up. Its silly, but when you are paying and when you have to weight your self in frint to someone else, its easier to not give up! You have money, I would suggest to go for it!

Taryn C 1 like

Breast feeding made me lose all my weight in 3 months I gained 45 lbs. plus we eat super healthy and drink lots of water. The food you eat is 100% a factor in your weight loss. One slip up can make you gain back weight. I'm down to 129 and if I decide to shove a cupcake in my face or some fries. It shows on the scale :( there is no quick fix. It's a life style you have to choose what's more important skinny and healthy or bad food

Margret P 0 likes

My husband likes to snack when we watch tv and it's not healthy snacks I can't help myself but to eat it with him and he doesn't stop me . He say that he likes the way I look but I don't I want to do it for myself I want to look the way I looked before pregnancy . I'm just to lazy and don't have motivation I promise myself I will start tomorrow and that's how it's been for months but I hope this time I'm really going to do it . I'm thinking about ordering T25 work out I hope this will help me

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