My son is almost 2.5. He is a very smart kid but doesn't talk. No mommy 😪, no two word phrases or sayings, no correct constants (except for done, da-da and good), no words with multiple syllables. He is being serviced by Early Intervention (which seems to be helping a very little) and I try repeatedly every trick/game/strategy under the book. His hearing was just checked and he is fine. Has anyone had this problem with their tots? What did you do that worked pretty quickly and your LO enjoyed?

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You should seek a speech therapist .

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My husband had the same issue when he was a kid but he just pointed and grunted they gave him Ritalin and boom started talking but idk about giving kids drugs but apparently worked for my husband def should be last resort I think

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My son is 2.5 and also in early intervention working with therapists on his speech delay. The entire process has been stressful, but my son is coming along great and starting to say more words. They taught him some sign to communicate what he has difficulty saying. Good thing is that he is absorbing everything and will occasionally surprise us with words and phrases. Don't worry yourself, just support him and praise any efforts. If you push too much that may cause him to shut down and stress out

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Having the same issue, thinking of starting speech therapy for him :) good luck! Einstein didn't talk till he was 4 right? ;)

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My son is also 2.5 and we are working with an early intervention program and speech therapist. He's definitely come a long way since we started (5 months ago); he still doesn't say "words" but we see his efforts in trying to verbalize. we also had a hearing test done and he passed with flying colors so that was a relief. I know the stress and concern that comes along with speech delay in your LO but it will get better when you see the little progress and successes he makes.

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Try some kids shows like Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse or any that will make them repeat words! My 3.7 year old now speaks, writes, reads and spells thanks to those shows! Plus will help if you buy cards with pictures and show him and say what which means! Spend time just you and him going outside and showing him things around and say what they are and their purpose!

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Thanks ladies I really need some ideas and sound making strategies/games. I try to limit his time away from the ipad/iphones and TV's now because even though he only views learning apps/shows. They do not encourage talking.

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Actually the apps may help. My son has started saying words and trying to say words more frequently. His therapists say he has difficulty with motor planning (forming sounds), but that he knows what he wants to say. Any fine motor skills help improve motor planning. Such as pointing and dragging things on a screen, and manipulating any small objects. I've noticed that as my son gets good at iPad games, his ability to form sounds has improved. My son is also very intelligent!

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