My son is about 21 months and I've started to potty train him. It's been so hard 😩 is he too young to start learning and do you girls know any helpful tips to make it easier for both me and him?

Meg t 0 likes

Make a game out of it an throw Cheerios or fruits loops an tell him to try to hit them. I trained my little brother that way an it took him a day or two to do it but he got a hang of it.

Mary J 0 likes

My daughter was about that age when I started potty training. It's hard but doable! Keep up the hard work momma!

Kristin C 2 likes

Yu are brave momma!! My son had no interest until he was three. I kept trying and trying and gave up. Then He can home one day and said ' I poop on the potty now'. And that was it!!! I guess they decide!!!

Nichole C 0 likes

Not too early! And it takes a lot of patience. One thing that helps is keep referring to it as 'this is what big boys do' a lot of kids get motivated for that. Lots of praise after a successful going in the potty is great. Just don't give up to easily if it takes a bit. (:

Samantha J 2 likes

One thing that helped my son was excitement. Make it as exciting as possible. Also letting him pick out his potty/seat helped also. He enjoyed having his own brand new thing. I tried stickers on a calendar too, helped him a bit. I ended up giving up after a month of trying. Which to my surprise must of helped him because he randomly one morning said he had to pee on the potty! Ever since then he's been going strong! Goodluck! It's a struggle, but worth it in the end.

Ciara B 1 like

Awww he's cute!! And good luck. Keep ur head up

Nikki A 1 like

Honestly, as mom of mostly boys, I've noticed that they are generally a little slower when it comes to potty training. Mine didn't till they were 3. I would give it a little more time because once they are ready, it's literally a breeze.

Brandis G 1 like

Boys tend to do better if you wait until they are a little bit older. I would wait until 2 1/2 - 3 years old

Dayani R 1 like

I tied several times for a week. Once at 12 months then at 18 months then at 2 years old and at 2 1/2 I decided daddy to take him to the bathroom and pee in front of him and teach him what he had to do and he thought it was so cool he never again had dippers on not even to sleep and he is six and has never wet his bed good luck

Sara C 1 like

I always seen that if their dads teach them, they usually do better. Try getting his dad to teach when he have time.

Sydney E 1 like

It will be a pain to start before he's ready. Get him to start letting you know when he has to go. When he gets good at it then you can start potty training. If you start too early it can just stress you both out and result in a lot of accidents.

Dominique E 0 likes

Thanks everyone! That was really helpful. I think I'm gonna wait a little while longer until he understands

Fatma B 0 likes

My son is around that age too, he's 22 months and does not show any interest in potty training at all. I've tried several times lately and still nothing. I feel what it's like, just keep doing it and wait til he decides by himself. Good luck :)

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