My son is 8 months, I just stop bf because my baby was using me like a pacifier specially at night.. He is still wakes up 2 or 3 times to eat (5oz bottle). The dr said he needs to stop eating at night and to give him water, didn't work.. I don't know what else to do!?!? I need a good night of sleep...

Kaylie S 2 likes

Have you tried adding rice cereal to the bottle to thicken it up? It may help keep him fuller, longer.

Pao C 0 likes

Kaylie.. So if I make him 6oz bottle how much cereal do I put on it??

Kaylie S 3 likes

Well that's really up to you, it's all just how thick you want to make it. When mine was that age I added about 5-6 teaspoons to get the consistency I liked and that he was able to manage. I also had a special nipple for that bottle that I made the hole a little bigger so it was easier for him. It's just something that you'll kind of have to experiment with to see what works best. I can definitely relate to wanting more sleep, hope I've helped some!

Stephanie S 0 likes

My doctor would always tell me that lol, and your right wouldn't work she would also tell me that to save child from tooth decay because of the bottle and sugar in the milk...why not try infusion water like getting strawberries or raspberries or pineapple then putting the slices into the water to give the water some type of flavor.. it tried it with strawberry and it was Good!!!

Stephanie S 0 likes

If he's already eating then giving him a good amour of veggies for dinner would be great too

Lauren W 1 like

I've been told rice in the bottle doesn't make a difference by doctors and it could cause lung problems and could be a factor in childhood obesity. I would try to feed him more solids throughout the day.

Nicey J 0 likes

I'm not sure what doctor would say an 8 month old should stop eating through the night. Sure, he may not need to nurse continuously but perhaps he's going through a spurt or teething. If your child is hungry let them eat. Babies want satisfaction and maybe your lo needs more milk before bed time to stay on his stomach. But don't starve the child if they're really hungry.

Pao C 0 likes

Thank you moms.. I will try.., hopefully something works

Michelle H 1 like

Are you giving him baby food yet?? If so I would mix some cereal into the baby food, that's what worked for my son. I never measured, just added until it reached a nice oatmeal-like consistency. He would have 2 containers with each meal and a6-8oz bottle until he was about 15-18mos.

Pao C 1 like

Michelle, my son eats 3 times per day baby food + cereal and in between have his bottle ( 4-6oz) ... Tonight I gave him his bottle (6oz) at 7:30pm with rice cereal Hopefully he will sleep the whole night... 😋

Brittany B 0 likes

Not really suggested by a doctor but my daughter loved to have baby food like bananas or pears in her bottle. She ate it like crazy! And slept through the night about 3 months after I started that. She would only get up once at night prolly 4 days after I started the feedin routine

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