My son is 8 months and will be 9 months on the 6th. I have a concern about my baby's diaper rash, he's had it for over two weeks now and I even took him to the doctor because he started getting blisters! I have tried everything! it will be fine for a day or two but out of no where it gets so bad! We've been using Pampers since he was born! Any suggestions on what I could do to try and help him? He is miserable!

Kristin 3 likes

Maybe he has a yeast infection? Try changing his diapers as well.. He could have developed an allergy to something in them.. Let him air out as much as possible, and keep him wiped good.

Tee M 0 likes

Did you switch the diapers?? Also I agree with the mom above air out

Melissa C 2 likes

Did the doctor give you a prescription? He may need Nystatin.

Krista M 0 likes

Switch diapers for a month and see if that helps. A good thick layer of bum cream at night and change frequently throughout the day.

Kristine F 1 like

I found I needed to make sure he was dry before putting any cream on. So had to pat him dry and give it air and when using wipes I would try to not wipe but pat. I used desitin and that helped. I found the difference between creams and the percentage of zinc made a difference.

Deepti T 1 like

Do not put creams containing zinc it may worsen.... Apply nystatin and air out a lot... Don worry about mess that's not imp. Than ur baby's skin.

Stephanie P 1 like

I use Boudreax Butt Paste is works wonders

Heather J 0 likes

We haven't had that bad of rash but when our LO's bottom is red, we wipe him down, use a hair dryer on low, & apply coconut oil to his bottom. It usually takes 2-3 days to clear up. We also use cloth wipes with a homemade diaper solution to reduce the amount of chemicals that may irritate our LO's skin.

Kelly T 0 likes

A cream called "resinol" always does the trick for us. My baby was allergic to huggies and got a horrible rash.

Angie M 1 like

My Lo gets a terrible rash while teething. I forgo baby wipes during this time and use a cloth with water or if it's really messy he gets a bath. I have had great success with sudocream

Masha M 0 likes

Use coconut oil on it. This works better than any cream and it will clear it up for good. You can research it's uses if u wish. I used it on my LO diaper rash and with a day or so it cleared. I've never stopped using it. Now I mix it in her creams and use on her skin after baths and it help to lock moisture in as well for ll seasons.

Hannah M 1 like

A friends baby is allergic to the perfume in pampers diapers. It would do the same thing to her little hiney.

Amanda P 1 like

My lo had a similar problem and when it started to look like blisters I chalked it up to was a fungal infection! I never would have guessed but they prescribed a prescription cream and it cleared right up!

Melissa R 0 likes

My LO was getting a rash because she was allergic to dairy and when she went to the bathroom it would irritate her bum. Maybe your LO allergic to something new in the diet if anything

Emma 1 like

My son had this and turned out to be a yeast infection. We had to stop using wipes and apply a prescription cream for a few weeks. It would start to look better with diaper rash cream and then just blow up again like you described. Hope it heals up soon.

Jennifer M 1 like

I have found that for my LO it was the food I was feeding her that caused her rashes. Tomatoes watermelon peaches and mangos all gave her continuous diaper rash in matter what diaper or wipe I tried. Just a thought.

TnT M 1 like

We don't use baby wipes, were told even the sensitive have chemicals that can hurt when they are already broke out, we just use warm water or saline wipes. Also, we use Aquafor. Our baby came home from NICU with diaper rash so bad she was bleeding, and this remedy cleared it up in no time. Good luck!

Lauren J 0 likes

I took my daughter in to the dr because she had blisters too. I had tried everything and it was getting worse, the desitin was so thick and hurt her while wiping it off. It ended up being a chemical burn from her pee and poop. Dr told me to put a combo of cortisone cream and diaper cream (cortisone first). It cleared up in few days! I use honest co diapers and hasn't come back! Good luck!

Melissa M 0 likes

Water wipes (amazon) and Aquafor. You could also use a peri bottle, with a warm solution of baking soda and water for rinsing or dipping babies bum in. Poor baby, good luck.

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