My son is 6.5months old and he is so fidgety. He constantly kicks and he punches his bottle, me, himself basically anything he can reach and he makes a fist extending his thumb and bangs the tip of his thumb on his bottle and everything in reach. Is this normal? My bf keeps saying that he is worried he has autism or some developmental problem causing him to do this. I wasn't worried about it but him constantly saying that has me starting to worry.

Damien's Mom 2 likes

Sounds like he just wants to always be busy 😃 if your concerned I would talk to your pediatrician, but it sounds normal to me.

Elizabeth M 2 likes

Do you ever put him on the floor to give him space?? Is he crawling or sitting up yet?? He might just be trying to get himself moving. My son is 6.5 months and he started kicking a lot in the last few weeks and act fidgety. I think it's just that he wants space to try n move around ,so sometimes I put him on the floor with toys surrounding him til he starts to fuss n gets bored of it.

Dana E 1 like

When my baby was 5 months - 6 months she would slap the doodoo out of me and her dad while giving her the bottle.. Luke repeatedly move her hand back n forth smacking us lol .. She grew out of it.. Babies do weird stuff all the time and they go through phases .

Jesica . 0 likes

He is very active an gets bored easily but he spends a good amount of time on the floor and in his exersaucer. He isn't quite crawling yet it more of an army crawl and he's almost sitting he's still wabbly after about 30-60 seconds he tips over but my bf just worried me. I'm going to ask the dr on the 28th but I just wanted to get some other mothers input.

Dana E 2 likes

Don't worry, ask ur doctor tho to put ur mind at ease . He seems to be right where my daughter was at that age and then stuff happen overnight sometimes .. Some kids don't even crawl till 8 months..

Kade's M 0 likes

ask the dr to just ease your mind, but it sounds perfectly normal... esp if he is trying to figure out how to control his lil limbs! 😊

Aubrey A 1 like

Does he have any other signs? Like stiff like when u pick him up or does he go limp at times? Does he act like he's weak? U need to get him to children's mercy or a children's neurologist to be checked for cerebral palsy. I have it and so does my son and my son did the same thing

Jesica . 0 likes

I'm not worried about the crawling. He gets around okay he just hasn't figured out how to move while keeping his knees under him unless he's moving backwards haha. He will get it soon tho I'm more worried about the hitting and kicking since my bf brought up him being autistic. I just don't want to ignore signs if I can catch it early. I feel better knowing other kids have been the same way and grown out of it. I thought it was a phase but I pay to much attention to bf haha thanks ladies!

Jesica . 0 likes

Aubrey, he doesn't show any other signs. He's a very active kid that loves attention and to play it's just the kicking and punching. I will talk to my dr on the 28th to be sure tho

A V 0 likes

My son has Autism. These are signs of Autism in infants: Doesn’t make eye contact (e.g. look at you when being fed). Doesn't smile when smiled at. Doesn't respond to his or her name or to the sound of a familiar voice. Doesn’t follow objects visually. Doesn't point or wave goodbye or use other gestures to communicate. Cont.....

A V 1 like

Doesn’t follow the gesture when you point things out. Doesn’t make noises to get your attention. Doesn’t initiate or respond to cuddling. Doesn’t imitate your movements and facial expressions. Doesn’t reach out to be picked up. Doesn’t play with other people or share interest and enjoyment. Doesn’t ask for help or make other basic requests.

A V 1 like

If an infant has the majority of these then it's a good idea to seek further diagnosis. If an infant only has a couple then it's probably fine.

Brooke K 1 like

That's pretty normal. Their body and brains and everything are all growing.

Bri 3 likes

What!?!? No way!!!! My LO did that for a while.. She would hit the bottle with the tip of her thumb and knock the bottle out of my hand.. No big deal!!!! She was 6 months when she started to do that.. It lasted for like 3 weeks and then stopped!!! She was also super active while eating, now she's calm. It's a stage some babies go through!! I would not worry about it

Jesica . 0 likes

Adrean, he is the opposite of everything you listed. I figured it was a phase but my bf is paranoid and always thinks something is wrong but the more he says stuff the more I start to question it. He has been doing this for three months but that's the only thing he does that's worrisome. He is the most active, and attention seeking kid I've met. He's the polar opposite of everything you listed that's why I didn't worry til bf kept saying it constantly.

Stacy W 1 like

My daughter has been hitting me for the last couple months she's almost 8 months I think it is just them figuring out there hand control(: she never wanted to be held or anyone to hold her bottle for her. She would rather lay by herself with her bottle proper up then be held and fed

Jesica . 0 likes

My son is the opposite haha he has to be held and he knows how to hold his bottle but he makes me do it and hold or lay and snuggle with him while he eats but he kicks and punches me the whole time haha

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