My son is 3 weeks old. He is good all day. At night he will cry and cry and both my husband and I try everything from feeding changing burping swaddling rocking rubbing ect to calm him down. It might be gas. Is it okay to let them cry it out? I feel so bad I can't help him. I don't know what else to do. I am also going to try to mix the similac complete care with his total care tonight to see if that will help.

Maria P 1 like

My baby was like that , try gripe water , works with her , but you have to be patient I know is hard , don't let her cry

Shawna G 2 likes

At that age I wouldn't let him just cry it out. He is crying for a reason. But I know it's hard and if you have to put him down and walk away for five mins that's ok! He might also have his nights and days mixed up and just wants to be up at night?

Amanda M 0 likes

It's hard because both my husband and I are full time workers so we need sleep at night so we don't loose our jobs. So I have let him cry it out a few times I just wish there was a quick fix.

Liz J 0 likes

I feel like 3 weeks is too soon for crying it out. Could be gas, try gas drops. Try getting a white noise machine and try black out shades. Hope this helps. Make sure LO is not too cold or hot.

Amanda M 0 likes

Yes I think he does have his days and nights mixed up. How can I fix that?

divina R 1 like

πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰ don't let your 3 week old cry it out. That's awful. Sorry but it's part of being a parent. That baby depends on you. Working and being a parent is a lot of work but you just gotta do it

Markita J 0 likes

If it just last like an hour or two the baby might be colic. My lil boy did that from 3weeks till bout 4 months from 7pm till 10pm he would cry and nothing we did would help. I just walked and patted and walked some more. Bad thing bout a colic baby there is nothing for helping them

Amanda M 0 likes

I used the white noise and all that the only thing is the gripe water. I'm going to try that tomorrow. And I completely understand that I have to work and be a parent but if I get no sleep and get in the car and crash how can I be a parent. I'm in no way saying crying it out works and that's what I want to do but after 6 hours of non stop fussing and crying what more can I do? I am a new mom and trying my hardest to juggle both work and parenting.

Amanda M 0 likes

I also can't risk falling sleep with him on my chest so if I can't keep my eyes open anymore what else can I do? I don't drink coffee it gives me bad headaches.

Liz J 1 like

Oh I hope it gets better soon for you! Take your LO to the dr if all else fails πŸ˜„

Michelle G 0 likes

It could be that he is very colicky . This happened to me he couldn't stop crying at night. So give him/her mylicon gas drops .03 ml after every feeding. Walmart brand equate is good it's only bout 3$

Amanda M 0 likes

Thank you! And yes I am calling the doc tomorrow if this happens again tonight I am introducing him to the new formula tonight so let's see. Fingers crossed!!!!

Liz J 1 like

😊 fingers crossed

Taylor E 0 likes

Three weeks is too young to cry it out. Your babe my also have reflux. Try gripe water and elevated sleeping.

Christina B 0 likes

My baby was fussy. Gripe water is great. Also Colief. You put 4 drops in their milk. It works wonders. You can buy it at Walgreens!

Jessica R 0 likes

Switch Formula. He might have reflux.? Maybe start with a sensitive Formula. If nothing else works switch to soy or allementum

K M 0 likes

Gripe water! Also YouTube white noise for newborns the one that's background is black and a white or silver circle looking thing.. Saved our sanity!!

divina R 1 like

Can you get help from family or friends??

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