My son is 3 months old and is in a size 3 diaper now. He out grows them before I even use the whole box. How old is your child and what size are they in?

Kaitlyn D 1 like

That's about how it goes.. It follows the age until about 5 months.. Then their diaper will stay at 4 or 5 for a while.

Roro L 1 like

My Lo is 9 months she wear size 3

Deanna J 1 like

My daughter is 15mo and just moved into 6's

M S 1 like

My baby girl is 3 months, size 2 diapers.

Janae M 1 like

My daughter is about to be seven months and wears size4

Samantha S 1 like

My son was the same way! He's 6 months now and still in a 3 but I'm about to move to 4s next box. But he was in a 3 at 3-4 months. Just different growth spurts. No worries.

Kathryn W 1 like

Almost 4 months and is in size 1, he was a month premature

Ali's m 1 like

We were going through that too for a while. Now my daughter is in size 4 and is 7 months old. She's been in them for 2 months.

Dani R 1 like

My son is 6mo and in size 2s but mine also was 5wks preemie

Sarah J 1 like

Baby girl is 5 1/2 months and in 3's. Thinking about moving to 4's next box 😁

Erika C 1 like

Almost 3 months, just finally moved to a 1. Lol took forever.

JooLin R 1 like

My boy is 4 months and in a size 3. Girls are boys differ greatly. My 21 month girl just moved into a size 4. Your boy sounds quite normal and healthy :)

Sandy H 1 like

10 weeks, size 1.

Damaris C 1 like

3 1/2 months and us in size 3 as well 😁

Kelsey K 1 like

My son is 7 months and size 3

Emily S 1 like

Our LO is almost 11 months old and just moved into size 3

Kaylees M 1 like

Baby girl is 6 months in size 2. Wasn't premie just kinda tiny I guess.

Monica M 1 like

My LO is 3 months and wears size 1.

Jocelyn S 2 likes

My 6months is size 2. About to move up to size 3 soon.

Mama B 1 like

2 months size 1... Still have 3 boxes more... Seems like I will need to exchange for a bigger size lol

Mother O 1 like

Almost 2 mo still in NB. She was 7 weeks early.

Olja V 1 like

My girl is turning 2 months on the 9th and she has been in size 2 shortly after the hospital.

Linsi M 1 like

16 month old twins - size 3 diapers. They've been in a size 3 since last May/June!

Crystal Q 1 like

My son is 18 months & in size 4's (he's been in them since 12 months)

Ashley B 0 likes

My son is 4 months and he is in a size 2 diaper. He weighs about 16lbs.

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