My son is 3 mo & teething SO BAD! I've tried everything I can! (Natural Oragel- teething rings- cold wash cloths) NOTHING is working !! And he's not sleeping!! I'm a walking zombie!

Ashley M 0 likes

How are u determining its teething?

Gabrielle L 0 likes

He's slobbering everywhere- he screams unless I put something in his mouth to chew on- I was mistaking it at first for wanting a bottle but after a couple times I realized he dish want a bottle

Annie K 0 likes

Have you tried the amber teething necklace, have that on mine(9 months old)

Shirley F 0 likes

Did you try Tylenol?

Gabrielle L 0 likes

Yes- not working

Christina M 0 likes

My son loves it when I rub his gums and I also got a finger tool that helps alot

Baby M 0 likes

Chamomile tea

Mrs. M 2 likes

Hylands teething tablets

Mad M 1 like

Camilia? Hylands teething tablets?

Mammaof2 < 0 likes


Brooke J 0 likes

Try massage his gums to help the teeth break through. Also I've read a lot about natural Amber necklaces. I would look into that. Make sure it pure/real Amber. There are a lot of fakes out there

Jordan M 0 likes

Teething necklaces but take them off when your LO is sleeping

Judy V 0 likes

Try massaging his head, temples, and jaw area.

Judy V 0 likes

Try frozen fruit in mesh feeder may help also.

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