my son is 2 years old (26months) and hardly speaks full, clear words. He babbles all day and points to what he wants; he's great at communicating in other ways...he just doesn't have any vocabulary yet. i know all about early intervention services and he will be receiving services starting next week..however: mom to mom, can anyone relate and let me know if this is normal?? I can't help but freak out every time i think too much about it. THANKS IN ADVANCE! :)

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I don't remember when exactly my son started talking as in sentences but I remember I also used to worry what helped him was to be around other little children like his cousins and stuff :) that honestly helped him a lot try having him around with kids his age hope it helps!:)

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Same here. My son is 22 months old but babbles all the time. He says dedde for daddy. Flowa for flower and boo for book. I'm not worried much yet because I was told boys really start talking at age 3.


My doctor told me it was fine as long as I can somewhat make out what she says. He said they don't talk more clearly until closer to 3. My daughter is 3 now and is talking more clear.


She can make up to 5 word sentences now.

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my son was like that , dont worry he should be fine just one question is he also hearing another language beside english? cuz thats what happen to my son

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I work at a daycare in the two year old room, most of my kids in there are just saying words. They know a lot of words but can't really put them in sentences yet. The ones who are 2.5 do speak very well though.

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