My son is 18 months. When can I change his milk from homogenized 3% to 1% or 2%? Thank you!


Whole milk until 2 then low fat milk after two

Mommy O 1 like

2yr old , but it wouldn't hurt to give. 2% now

Skylar K 2 likes

I always gave my daughter 2% my pediatrician never told me otherwise he actually said she didn't really need the milk it was weird lol

Natasha B 1 like

I think there are new recommendations to go straight to 2% and skip whole all together. Probably a childhood obesity thing.

Yvette A 1 like

He will be 3 in June and I just switched!! It constipated him a lot

Mommy O 0 likes

They say give them whole milk for brain development. But it doesn't hurt to start them on 2%. And that is odd for him to get constipated from milk, I would bring that up with the doctor maybe he could give you an alternative. If he is 3yrs old and just started dairy milk it could be just an adjustment to a new food. What was he drinking before whole milk? Because they recommend starting kids at 12 m. Not saying starting them at 3yrs is a bad thing. But that seems kind of a late age to me.

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