My son is 13m and I'm confused so looking for clarification! So my pediatrician told us whole milk instead of 2%, 1%, fat free bc they need the fats. But I see a lot of ppl using almond milk/soy milk or another alternative on here. (I understand some babies have allergies)I drink almond milk. How do you guy get them the extra fat?

Chely M 1 like

Good question? I wondering the same for my son :)

Katherine B 5 likes

They say whole milk is best because you don't need to shy away from giving them fat and calories at this age. If you choose to use almond, soy or hemp milk just make sure they are getting natural fats elsewhere (avocado, fish, nuts etc) I would just caution from strictly using soy milk as the estrogen levels can sometimes mess with little kids.

Michelle S 2 likes

They need the extra fat for brain development so if there's no allergy I'd stick with it. Also, consider organic if you are not already. No need to add extra hormones with something they drink so much of!

Bonita A 4 likes

I avoid milk produced from farm factory cows because of hormones, antibiotics given to cows, blood and puss in the milk. I resort to natural fats found in foods like coconut oil, avocado, egg yolk, nuts, and I supplement with fermented cod liver oil for my baby. (To learn more google "Weston A. Price")

Kathy M 0 likes

I use organic I heard it has higher dha? He's currently not overweight. so I just agreed with the dr I didn't know if I should've asked about an alternative I just assumed they could have it later (as long as he had no allergy)

MAMA B 1 like

You should ask the doctor to be on the safe side!!! But babies need the extra fat for development. You can get the extra. Nutrients in other things he eats and vitamins

Danielle B 2 likes

Soy is terrible for the thyroid. I was on soy formula as a baby and now have really bad Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. There are links still being studied, but I definitely would go for organic cow's milk if you can find it, if you're worried about hormones. Wegman's organic brand, if available in your area, is relatively awesome. Stay away from the one Walmart sells. It is only 30% organic.

Kathy M 1 like

Danielle^^ crazy I buy wegmans or trader joes!

Anonymous 2 likes

I found that almond yogurt is a great source of fats and calcium,my son particularly loves it,you can try give him that instead of the dairy options.

Alexa O 1 like

We used Almond milk when my daughter turned 1, my doctor said that was fine. We switched to organic whole milk a month later, the only reason was because I started to notice her teeth were losing the color, it made it seem like she wasn't getting enough calcium from the milk. Every baby is different and I think it's all about trying out what you think is best and then making the adjustments for you and baby.

Maria D 1 like

It's so strange how different doctors recommend different things . Our doctor made such a big deal if not giving whole milk but 1% instead . Telling us how the fats in the milk combined with other fats can clog arteries and serious health issues could arrive from that .?

Kathy M 0 likes

^^maria I was actually just reading this article

Anna L 0 likes

Is some kind of milk necessary to give at all?

Maria D 1 like

Kathy now that I read the article I remember , we did do whole milk when he turned 1 but when he tuned 2 dr said switch to 1% . It seems so far in the past I completely forgot . lol sorry for incorrect info

Kathy M 0 likes

No girl you are right drs do recommend diffrent stuff!

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