My son is 12 months on 9/11. He usually wakes up once a night when he's teething (drinking 6 oz) otherwise he sleeps through the night. On his birthday I was going to try replacing his first bottle with whole milk and then bm/formula for the rest of the day (and then slowly replacing it with milk just depending how it goes) after he's transitioned my question is if he wakes up at night does he still get whole milk? Formula? Water? Do I feed him the same just replacing bm/formula with whole milk

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Or am I replacing some feedings with water? My 12 month appt is next tues so I was going to try just one bottle of whole milk a day until then but just wanted to hear what y'all's do so when I go to the dr I can discuss some ideas :)

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Instead of replacing a bottle with while milk I would start mixing it to give his tummy time to get used to it. Start out with half and half if he takes it fine then after a couple days increase the amount of milk till you have completely weaned him off the formula and breast milk. If he won't drink half and half increase the amount of formula. If you still plan on nursing for a couples feedings then just nurse and skip the milk that feeding.

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Good luck! If he will take water in the middle of the night instead of milk then that would be best but some LOs won't.

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I did it cold turkey.. Took my son about a week to get used to it :)

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Britney ^ so is that just one bottle or 50/50 on all bottles?

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Monica^ I've heard of constipation but did you have that issue?

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Sorry I spelled your name wrong my bad🙅

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I'm not nursing I ep. Currently he gets bm during the day and formula if he wakes up at night.

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I didn't nurse at 12months. Lo got formula. When I went to DR they suggested almond milk instead of reg milk. I am doing a mix of formula, almond, and regular milk. I do water at night and if he gets juice during the day I water it down.

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I was told at six months that my baby doesn't really need milk throughout the night and they can get all the nutrients they need throughout the day. So I cut her off cold turkey it was harsh but she got used to it. She's nine months now a total little chunker and hasn't had any weight-loss at all she sleeps great for the night.

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It really depends on the child, you know your child best. With mine she tasted cows milk once and never wanted formula again I'm getting close with my youngest she has two months until we begin that journey.

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I love it. I totally worried about this when I transitioned my son as well. Honestly, I think he will do just fine if you just start giving him whole milk. If formula isn't hurting his tummy, you are good. Time to save money!! He's 12 months! Congrats mommy! Since he's eating food now, the milk is really just a drink.

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Nope and if you did have that problem my grandma always told me corn syrup! And the pediatrician said white grape juice. Start out in small amounts if needed :)

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