My son is 12 months and EVERY night for around the past week - 2 weeks has peed through EVERY nighttime diaper. I put it on right before bedtime(8pm) and all of the sudden by 2am he's waking up bc its soaked through. I have to change his sheets and clothes every time what's going on?!

Loveleen K 2 likes

Change the diaper brand

MAMA B 3 likes

I'd have to say it's time to change the diaper!!! Also you can buy these pads that go under baby so if he pees you can just remove it instead of having to change everything good luck

Jay Allen B 1 like

He needs a bigger size

Katarina O 1 like

Diaper is wrong size! We use nighttime diapers & they wrk great

Ethans M 2 likes

I would go up a size for the diaper and maybe change the brand. I personally love pampers and I have to put my LO in a size bigger at night time

Monica G 2 likes

You could put two diapers on him at night. That may help.

Stephanie W 1 like

This use to happen with my son, trying going a diaper size. I also find the pamper cruisers are a bit bigger then other brands

Tee M 1 like

Change brand good luck

Amanda T 2 likes

I'd go up a size. My son should be in size 4, but I found that size 5 is more absorbent and it doesn't scrunch him up down there.

Cinnamon K 1 like

Try not to give him too much to drink an hour before bed. That should help

Rach R 1 like

Hook him up with a new diaper before u go to sleep :)

Kathy M 0 likes

Thanks I'll try a bigger size tonight!!

Crystal K 1 like

We loved the huggies night time diapers. I agree to try a bigger size. Good luck! :)

Stephanie W 1 like

How are things going with your little one?

Kathy M 0 likes

We went up a bigger size and it helps but we have to change him at night. I tried to get pampers but they don't make sensitive in his size :/ and he was allergic last time I used it

Kathy M 0 likes

Thanks for following up!!

Evette V 1 like

We use Pampers Baby Dry at night. Works well for our LO!

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