My son is 11weeks old. He's hated being swaddled ever since we brought him home. I was swaddling when fell asleep but he'd wake up every2-3 hours trying to get out of it. Last week he was congested so I let him sleep in the fisher price rock & play. I just tried swaddling him like before & he instantly wakes up. Do any of you let your babies sleep in the rock and play all night? What's wrong with doing that?

Harshita S 1 like

It's fine to make him sleep in rock and play for a few hours but not for the whole night. He needs a straight mattress as his back can get affected. I know it will take time but crib is the best thing for ur baby for the long run

Mommy of two M 1 like

I've done that because at times that's were he sleeps longer an it might be selfish of me but I get sleep. My husband hates it but my son doesn't seem to mind.

Ashly M 1 like

My son slept in his swing just make sure he/she has head support due to straining muscles

K M 1 like

My 2 1/2 year old would only sleep in it.. She was 5 months old when we hid it and made her sleep in her crib. Our pedi said it was fine as long as she couldn't get out. My 3 week old is sleeping in it tonight and will tomorrow too. Would like to know why they are bad too. Also my girls hated their arms swaddled but both loved the halo sleeper. Let's arm free but sorta swaddled the body. Might work gor you? Good luck

Julie S 1 like

Do a google search on this topic. Babies who sleep in the rock n play tend to have a higher chance of torticolis and flat head spots. My cousins LO had to wear a helmet 23 hrs a day to try and correct it. Invest in a baby recliner (there is a new one on the market now, used to be nap nanny) it is inclined but still allows LO to move their head around.

TnT M 1 like

My LO loves her rock n play! She has slept in it, especially when she was sick or taking a nap.

Jayde H 1 like

Don't think there is anything wrong. It works great for us because our LO is often congested (Colorado air) and spits up a lot-it's nice for her to sleep a little elevated

Liss P 1 like

We love our Rock and play as well as many of my friends. Perfect portable bassinet and I like that it's upright:)

Emily S 1 like

My twins slept in their rock n plays for the first 6 months. I was sad when we transitioned them to their cribs.

A E 1 like

My son only sleeps in his swing ...naps and bedtime. I've been trying to transition him but no such luck just yet. He's 12 weeks, hates to be swaddled and also hates his bassinet. I've been told "you shouldn't do that" and "that's not good for him" but it's the only way we get sleep. I would just say it might be a harder transition because of the movement. That's what I'm currently dealing with.

Marianne M 1 like

My dd slept in a co sleeper, but I found sleep sacks to be a lifesaver. She hated being swaddled, too. They stay nice and warm and have some room to kick and play. You might try that instead of swaddling and see if he sleeps in his crib.

Ronnie R 1 like

I think it'd be okay as long as you were right there. My biggest concern would be that I was told not to do that because they might get used to the movement and it will be hard to get them to sleep without constantly rocking them in the future.

Kristine F 1 like

We did swaddle and rock n play for the first 6-8weeks and then did arms out in the crib with the sleep sack and lo has been in the crib since and is now 4 months. Only difference I found is sleeping in the crib my LO has been less gassy because he can move around to get it out. In the rock n play it limited that movement so when he woke is have to let him work and stretch it out before I changed him. The pacifier helped with passing gas.

Sarah P 1 like

We loved ours. Life saver the first few weeks/months. It is a hard transition though. My girl wouldn't go to a crib after the Rock and play. We co-sleep now. :)

Amanda H 2 likes

It's the ONLY timing my 6 month old will sleep in. She has reflux so it helps keep her upright. Now she's getting to big and I don't know what we're going to do :(

Linsi M 2 likes

My twins slept in their rock n plays for the first 3 months. Then we transitioned them into their cribs in their room with sleep sacks.

Lou-Anne M 1 like

Mine slept in the rock and play for the first 10 weeks and then we moved her to her crib. We never swaddled her.

Mommy And M 2 likes

My baby also doesn't like his arms swaddled but does well with the Halo sleep sack because he still gets that secure feeling but with his arms free. We let him do his day sleep in the rock n play because he likes the vibration and angle but we put him in his crib at night. We have a Lullavibe that we slide under the mattress which gives it a slight vibration like the rock and play and he really likes that.

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