My son is 1 month and a few days old, I usually breastfed him during the daytime and sometime pump to give him a bottle at night. I'm wondering if it is to early for me to take him to a 30 min mommy and baby yoga class? I'm afraid he'd fuss and cry the whole time and ruin other moms experience. Anybody attended one with a child that young ?

Destiney R 1 like

They need to be able to home their head up (:

Carolynn V 1 like

If it's a mom and baby yoga class, then they more than expect to have fussy babies there! No worries, do it! It will be a great chance to get out of the house and exercise and spend time with your little one.

Carmon C 1 like

They are all moms there. It shouldn't bother them. All babies can fuss at any age. I would go and try it at least and have fun!!

Jadens M 0 likes

Thank you guys

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